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Unleash the savings: How to score the best deals on mobility scooters

Are you searching for the perfect mobility scooter but worried about the price tag? Fear not, dear reader! Today we will guide you through valuable tips and tricks to help you find the best deals on mobility scooters without breaking the bank. This guide is perfect for those who want to make an informed decision when purchasing their mobility scooter. So let’s dive in and unleash the savings! Continue reading Unleash the savings: How to score the best deals on mobility scooters

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Elderly & disabled mobility scooter in hot season

Customers looking for a perfect elderly & disabled mobility scooter in the upcoming season will definitely want to hunt for dragons. We aren’t kidding when we mean it, as our DRACO model will be definitely flying off our store shelves. For all dragon hunters out there, we have prepared a very hot deal as well. Be sure to continue reading to learn details!

Model DRACO, a 8mph mobility scooter, first showed itself near the end of last year. On introduction, it has quickly gained a big following and positive response from many users. Not only does it come with a pre-installed walking stick holder that can also store an umbrella. Model DRACO is a reliable vehicle that instead of a regular motorcycle throttle has an acceleration button mechanism. This ensures additional safety and ease of use which is a perfect choice for everyone.

Scorching Hot Deal For DRACO

Since the big positive response, the sales of this elderly and disabled mobility scooter have been overwhelming. Through numerous restocks in our warehouse, we have built up a quantity of this model. Since we offer only the best to our customers, we have a deal just for you. How to claim the promotion? Simply add DRACO to your basket and use the code below during the checkout process:


Starting from today and till the end of May, using the special promo code during checkout will lower the price of DRACO model for you by 5%. This is a perfect chance to get this brand-new elderly and disabled mobility scooter for the upcoming season. 

Disabled mobility scooter with a hoard of accessories

By ordering a model DRACO from our store, you will receive more than a scooter. This 8mph mobility scooter comes not only with a pre-equipped walking stick / umbrella holder. On top of this feature, we will also add a free rain cover, which will protect this fiery beast from cold water.

With this much for so low of a price, model DRACO is definitely a deal you wouldn’t want to miss out. Don’t wait, hunt model DRACO for yourself now!

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Mobility scooter on finance with Klarna

Ever wished to buy our mobility scooter on finance? Now it is very easy to do! By partnering up with Klarna, our online store can now offer all customers a finance option. By doing so, we made shopping more accessible to everyone. This includes especially those who prefers to pay month by month instead of full sum up front.

Let’s start with a short introduction. First of all, Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Being an experienced provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online shops, they will make your shopping more comfortable. By having such a big online presence, Klarna is very trusted among customers and they all know that their payments are securely handled.

Why is Klarna a safe way to pay?

Because they have notable renown, billions of customers have used their services and they have pristine positive opinions. Apart from extensive payment solutions, they offer great customer service and even a very handy FAQ which can answer all questions.

We have their FAQ in our shop as well now, so we recommend reading it thoroughly in case of any questions about their financing plans. 

Another reason to put your trust in Klarna is that if you want to purchase big-ticket items, then this solution is a sure way to get them without paying full price. Paying little by little every month is often more comfortable to many customers, who prefer to control their flow of money.

Mobility scooter on finance – number of installments

With Klarna at Velobike, when purchasing accessories or a mobility scooter on finance, there are two payment methods. First finance option is available only to products that are above £1000. Customers interested in those products can select the Klarna 12 months installments plan.

Second option with Klarna at our store is available for products under £1000. In this case, you can use their Pay in 3 option. This means that a product will have to be paid for in just 3 installments.

Now, let’s walk you through the process of purchasing your mobility scooter on finance with Klarna – a guide perfect for everyone.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Mobility Scooter on Finance with Klarna

Step 1. Browse and Select

Visit our online store and choose the mobility scooter that best suits your needs. Add it to your shopping cart or basket.

Step 2. Proceed to Checkout

Click on your cart or basket and select the option to start the checkout process.

Step 3. Provide Your Details

Fill in your name, address, phone number, and email address in the required fields.

Step 4. Choose Klarna Financing

When you reach the payment section, look for the Klarna payment options. Depending on the price of your mobility scooter, select either the “Klarna 12-Month Instalment Plan” or the “Klarna Pay in 3” option.

Step 5. Review and Confirm

You will be redirected to Klarna’s platform, where you can review the terms and conditions of your chosen financing option. Make sure you understand the repayment schedule and any interest charges before proceeding.

Step 6. Share Payment Info

Provide your payment card details, such as the card number, expiration date, and security code (CVV), to Klarna.

Step 7. Verify Your Identity

Klarna may perform a soft credit check to confirm your eligibility for financing. This may require additional information, such as your date of birth or the last four digits of your National Insurance number. Don’t worry; this check won’t affect your credit score.

Step 8. Accept Terms and Complete Purchase

Read and accept the terms and conditions of the financing agreement. Once you’ve agreed, finalize your purchase.

Step 9. Enjoy Your Mobility Scooter

Your new mobility scooter will be shipped to you as usual, and your monthly payments to Klarna will begin according to the agreed-upon schedule.

By following this straightforward guide, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom and independence that a mobility scooter provides – all with the convenience of Klarna’s flexible financing options. Don’t let the upfront cost hold you back; get your mobility scooter on finance today!

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Last update: 14.04.2023

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Will insurance cover a mobility scooter?

With recent news, our team has seen it as very important for our next post to answer a question, if insurance will cover a mobility scooter. Just recently a situation in Cornwall has reminded us that sometimes unforeseen accidents or upsetting life events will happen. While we are standing guard to always assist in such cases, it is only proper we would write on this topic to enhance customer awareness.

As electric mobility aids grow more and more popular with each passing day we think it is most important to secure them. That however is not always an option as many places just aren’t yet fit to house them. This changes day by day, but there are still places like shops, museums or other buildings, both public and personal, that don’t allow for easy access. Of course, parking a vehicle doesn’t mean that a disaster is bound to happen, but in rare cases, it might. Those can be however prevented from happening.

Do you need insurance to cover a mobility scooter?

While it is certainly optional, and Velobike as a reseller doesn’t force its customers to buy insurance to cover a mobility scooter, it is always advised to get one. The reason for it is simple as it does cover the user during many unfortunate events that might happen.

The highest benefit the insurance offers is definitely security and safety. When using a class-2 vehicle or class-3 mobility scooter outside the house, the insurance can cover the cost of repairs or mobility scooter theft. Of course, when deciding on an insurer, it is a good idea to study all options available on the market.

Why reading fine print is important

Let’s be realistic, each person has signed at least one document without reading it thoroughly. It is common to happen when we rush and have so many chores to do. Most important to remember is that some companies do not follow a code of ethics. This is why they don’t care about the difficulties that their customer might face. When getting insurance cover for a mobility scooter, it is especially important to study the documents. This is because elders and disabled might be considered by business sharks as easy prey.

At Velobike however, we employ good faith and high ethics. We are always doing our best to assist our customers with an after service and beyond. Not that we didn’t ever have a disappointed customer. Of course with patience and determination, we do our best to warm them up to us again. Sincerity and being willing to help senior and disabled customers are our core values that we never forget. Those are shared by our manufacturer Veleco, who wouldn’t pick us as one of the official resellers without high standards our company employs.

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