Our manufacturers

Glad you came to learn about our partners! All of our products come from reliable and trusted companies, which offer only the highest quality.




Main manufacturer of our products, providing our company with only the highest quality electric scooter parts and accessories. In 2020, Veleco has received a trophy for Top Quality International for their high standars of mobility scooters.


Other approved distributors

Did you know that we aren’t the only distributor of those electric scooters? There are other great companies in Europe which also were approved by Veleco. Alongside us, they help people with improving the quality of their life.



Approved distributor of Veleco scooters from Germany.


FJM Medical

Approved distributor of Veleco scooters from France.



Approved distributor of Veleco scooters from Italy.


Mobility Vida

Approved distributor of Veleco scooters from Spain.

Companies we like

Because we believe our customers deserve only the best product and services, we can recommend companies that we believe to keep as high customer service standards as we do. If you are an owner of a company with high ethical values, and would like to be featured here, write to us on and we will gladly exchange links!