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Elderly & disabled mobility scooter in hot season

Customers looking for a perfect elderly & disabled mobility scooter in the upcoming season will definitely want to hunt for dragons. We aren’t kidding when we mean it, as our DRACO model will be definitely flying off our store shelves. For all dragon hunters out there, we have prepared a very hot deal as well. Be sure to continue reading to learn details!

Model DRACO, a 8mph mobility scooter, first showed itself near the end of last year. On introduction, it has quickly gained a big following and positive response from many users. Not only does it come with a pre-installed walking stick holder that can also store an umbrella. Model DRACO is a reliable vehicle that instead of a regular motorcycle throttle has an acceleration button mechanism. This ensures additional safety and ease of use which is a perfect choice for everyone.

Scorching Hot Deal For DRACO

Since the big positive response, the sales of this elderly and disabled mobility scooter have been overwhelming. Through numerous restocks in our warehouse, we have built up a quantity of this model. Since we offer only the best to our customers, we have a deal just for you. How to claim the promotion? Simply add DRACO to your basket and use the code below during the checkout process:


Starting from today and till the end of May, using the special promo code during checkout will lower the price of DRACO model for you by 5%. This is a perfect chance to get this brand-new elderly and disabled mobility scooter for the upcoming season. 

Disabled mobility scooter with a hoard of accessories

By ordering a model DRACO from our store, you will receive more than a scooter. This 8mph mobility scooter comes not only with a pre-equipped walking stick / umbrella holder. On top of this feature, we will also add a free rain cover, which will protect this fiery beast from cold water.

With this much for so low of a price, model DRACO is definitely a deal you wouldn’t want to miss out. Don’t wait, hunt model DRACO for yourself now!

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