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Fastest Mobility Scooters in Velobike

Novice mobility scooters users ask themselves the question about the fastest vehicles they can own. In this article we will try to explain the technical specifications and compare some of the most popular electric vehicles, because there is not much information about it on the web. At Velobike we have vast knowledge of our products as well as the laws under our mobility scooters can operate.


Speed limits and law regarding mobility scooters.

First, let’s talk about the legal regulations relating to the speed limits. There are three classes of mobility scooters which we can navigate in different places and allow us to go at different speeds.

– Class 1 are manual wheelchairs – self / attendant propelled and not electrically powered

– Class 2 are mobility scooters with able to achieve maximum speed 4mph. They may only travel on pavements and designated areas such as: footpaths, pavements, and when crossing roads. please note that this class must not be driven on a carriageway.

– Class 3 are mobility scooters with ability to achieve maximum speed of 8mph. These scooters are only intended for use on the road. Some of the models on the market have much higher performance, however, you should bear in mind that the law allows vehicles to be driven up to a certain speed.



What to look for when choosing a fast mobility scooter?

First of all, we need to think about the driving style and the surface for which the vehicle we are buying is intended to be used. In addition, you should check whether the vehicle you have chosen meets all the legal requirements for travelling in the chosen location.

Additional advantages of certain fastest mobility scooters.


Battery life

Long battery life. Important part of the mobility scooter is the battery. As it is well known, their lifetime (number of charges) depends on their quality. Veleco offers scooters equipped with Lead Acid Gel batteries that allow 600 full charges and the battery charge time from 0 to 100 is 8 hours. For Faster and Draco, it is possible to optionally replace the battery with an abteria lithium-ion.



An important advantage of many mobility scooters is their range. This depends on the battery strength and the weight of the scooter. Thanks to the careful Veleco’s design of vehicles such as CRISTAL and FASTER, a range of up to 37mil can be achieved!


Turning radius mobility scooter

The turning radius is a feature that makes it easier to navigate in many hard-to-reach places. For this reason, here are three mobility scooter models that cope with it best.

Model of mobility scooter


Wheel turning radius mobility scooter [in]
ZT16 35,43
DRACO 64,96
ZT15 74,80


Tilt angle

There are often obstacles on the road, such as hills, but veleco constructions are able to overcome them very well. According to Velobike’s research, the most frequent question from customers is at what angle of inclination relative to the plane they will be able to move. In the case of mobility scooters manufactured by Veleco, the tilt angle under which you can move is as high as 17 degrees.

Electromagnetic brake

An interesting feature is the electromagnetic brake, which is automatically activated when the scooter is switched off. Their purpose of it is to prevent the vehicle from potentially rolling down a hill. Unfortunately not many mobility scooters have this feature. However with Velobike, it is possible to find vehicles such as the ZT15 and DRACO which have the above mentioned improvements.

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Which mobility scooters are best – Veleco Brand

The surprises never cease, especially when yearly trends which mobility scooter is best change. For 2020-2021, Veleco grabs the top spot of the greatest, most comfortable and overall awesome electric vehicles in the United Kingdom! Four of the models have taken four out of ten spots, and they even show up at the top 1!

If you wonder which mobility scooter is best for you to purchase and has the best reviews, then we have reliable third party sources which cover this topic.

Interneteyes has has performed an extensive research on this matter, as they have searched the far and wide reaches of the internet network to compile their list. Putting lots of effort, they have made a great top 10 list of  Best Mobility Scooter UK.

Another great source comes from TheBikeMarket. Their research of Top 10 Mobility Scooters shows that they have also put together an awesome list based on customer feedback. Again you can notice that Veleco brand mobility scooters are the best mobility aids to purchase.

To be honest we aren’t surprised by the outcomes of both researches as our manufacturer is very serious about good quality. For years now, Veleco has created, tested and distributed only the top mobility vehicles in the United Kingdom. Their reach has quickly grown and now they can reach across all United Kingdom and European Union countries.

Top 1 models mobility sccoters – ZT16 & Faster

According to Interneteyes, Veleco 3 Wheeled Folding Electric Scooter Mobility Trike ZT16 takes top spot among many other models. Through the year, as the official distributor of this model, we have received giant positive feedback. All who have purchased this model fell in love with it, and its easy usage and reliability. If you have wondered which mobility scooter is best, then it is definitely this one in class-2 shoppers.

On the other hand, TheBikeMarket has found out that model Veleco FASTER 4 Wheel 8 mph Mobility Scooter is also the top class-3 vehicle. Our customers tell us they love it for the stability the four wheels provide and for the visual appeal. With it, people with limited mobility don’t grab any negative odd stares. Instead, people envy them because they are like a true celebrities.

Browse Mobility Scooters

Why are Veleco scooters so good?

We often get this question from our customers and to provide an answer, it is best to explain with European awards that our manufacturer has claimed in through the years.

award-quality-international-2020In 2020, model DRACO has won the third place award “Quality international 2020”. This has marked a great streak for Veleco company and became a crowning achievement for them. award-quality-international-2021Following the last success of model DRACO, in 2021 another one of Veleco electric scooters claimed an incredible award. Model FASTER has won second place award of “Quality international 2021”.

Numerous Top Places – Which mobility scooter is best for you?

models ZT16 and FASTER are not the only awesome scooters which made it to top 10 lists. Apart from it, Veleco also easily claims more spots.

According to, those scooters are on the list of most wanted mobility scooters in 2021:

At Top 5, you can find model, DRACO. Prized for the unique acceleration system and inclusion of walking stick / umbrella holder, it is only obvious that this dragon makes a big impact.

At Top 6, we have our customer’s all-time favourite, ZT15. This electric mobility scooter has been in our store since the beginning so it is only fitting, it makes its appearance here.

Lastly, a lucky number 7 falls to FASTER model, Better and Stronger than most mobility vehicles, it charms with the reliable design. Powerful engines and many features have resulted in many customers loving it.

That’s not all. The other top 10 disability scooter list from has model ZT63 on the second place. The Vespa style vehicle is an all time popular senior scooter for elderly who like to travel in style.

And which would be your pick? Let us know in the comment section or if you already know, leave a review under the product and tell us why it is so awesome.

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How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA? #infographic

How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA is one of the most common questions asked by first time owners of the scooters. Doing our best to always explain the procedures, we have decided to offer an ever better solution. With this infographic below, the process will be explained in great detail for everyone.

All of our data was researched thoroughly by reading extensively Department of Transport documentation, as well as other supporting documents by various verified sources.

What does this infographic contain?

Firstly, the infographic will detail the differences between different classes of the mobility vehicles. According to DVLA, there are three of them, but only the third class meets the requirements to be able to be used on public roads.

Of course, if you want to know them to check if you can register a mobility vehicle with a DVLA, we will provide them.

Further down we will go into the process of registration, restrictions and finally, how to deregister and dispose of the mobility scooter, if it is no longer needed. Enjoy our infographic, share or leave feedback, if you’d love to see more of them!


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The independent life of mobility scooter users #infographic

The topic of mobility scooters and independent life of their users is still not a very widely researched topic. The surveys and publications which would support various theories are still scarce. However, some attempts at finding relevant data have been made in recent decades, bearing fruit and shaping the market of mobility scooters.

The biggest survey that was performed in the United Kingdom by RICA (Research Institute of Customer Affairs) received responses from 480 respondents. From the provided data, multiple conclusions could be drawn in 2014, which stay true until today.

Closer look at Independent life of mobility scooter users

Of many questions asked to respondents, many have verified that the mobility scooter has indeed made their life more independent. The answers provided a window to glimpse their activity. By studying the infographic, it is easy to see where the users go on their vehicles or why they decide to purchase a mobility scooter in the first place.

Most surprising was the conclusion that independent life on mobility scooters isn’t restricted to older people. In fact, many of them are younger than 65 years old.

Back in 2014, it was clear that mobility scooters were gaining popularity fast. Even those few years back, the trend was there, and it is still a very wildly popular topic. What are those perks that make those vehicles so popular? Check out the details in the infographic for the answers.


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Tackling any type of terrain on mobility scooter

On rare occasions, we are asked how our mobility scooters deal with terrain of various type. In this short post, we will gladly disclose this information, taking in consideration the types of trips our customers often take. 

Depending on the season, mobility scooters face different challenges. As such, we will divide the information between summer and winter, to discuss all possible scenarios.

Mobility scooter – terrain during summer trips

During the hot season, mobility scooter sales skyrocket, because beautiful weather is the perfect time to drive around. One of the most common terrains encountered by riders is a simple earth or sand path. If they aren’t powdery, they are harmless to inner workings of the vehicle, especially the electric motor.

However, powdery sand which can be encountered in a very dry season on the beach will definitely harm any electric components. Small grains can get inside, damaging them over time. As such, it’s best to avoid driving a mobility scooter on such terrain of any kind that has an electric motor.

Another type of terrain is grass. A short, well trimmed one will not harm the vehicle at all. In fact, Model FASTER with roof is used as a golf buggy at times and handles such terrain well. On the other hand, very tall grass might get entwined in moving parts of the vehicle, so it is best to avoid it.

Riding mobility scooter in winter

For last, we leave dealing with snow. Obviously, an electric scooter isn’t a snow plough and shouldn’t be used as one. Some users might be worried about riding in winter altogether, because of all too frequent moisture.

When using a mobility scooter in winter terrain, packed snow roads won’t be an issue. Any moisture which might gather is also easily dealt with. All the user has to do is to wipe the vehicle with a dry piece of cloth and let it dry before the next usage.

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Mobility scooters for adults – Professional choice

You want to check out the best mobility scooters for adults to buy but don’t know which one to pick? This guide will help you out a lot, because we will highlight all the details that you should definitely consider.

Things like colour, number of wheels and other superficial things are only the edge of what should really be looked at. Through the years, we have sold many vehicles and have learned that it is like picking a pair of shoes. Mobility scooters for adults and children need to be comfortable. After all, no one would like to use a product that doesn’t offer maximum comfort.

What to consider when buying a mobility scooters for adults?

The first thing you should ask yourself isn’t what to buy but for whom. Specifications displayed in the vehicle are often similar, as mobility scooters tend to fall within a certain set of law regulations. There are of course small differences, like maximum carry weight, dimensions, motor power etc. Before considering the scooter, let’s focus on the user.

Weight of the mobility scooter user

One of the most important aspects is to think about the carry load. With users on the heavier side, a more lightweight vehicle with big carry capacity would be the best option. A heavy-duty scooter might look nice, but one should think about managing slopes. Obviously, the bigger combined weight of the scooter and the user, the harder it will be for the engine to deal with those. This is definitely important, as in the United Kingdom, the maximum speed of those vehicles is only 8 mph.

On the contrary, the lightweight users should think about picking a heavier vehicle. While all mobility carriages are medically certified, they aren’t error free. Living in a high area with strong winds might prove to be difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

Mobility scooter tyres

draco-red-wheelAt velobike, we always recommend pneumatic air tyres. They are more reliable and offer greater amortization when riding on uneven roads. There is a single exception to this though. For someone who lives in a bigger town with lots of flat surfaces and loves to frequent bars? Definitely solid tyres, as riding on a broken glass isn’t a good choice for any vehicle.

As mentioned though, it is an exception as we don’t really recommend purchasing solid tyres. While the scooter won’t shake off the user, after a bumpy road on uneven terrain, lots of pleasure from the ride is taken away. In our expert opinion, it is not worth getting them.

Motor power

Sometimes, customers think that more equals better. We couldn’t disagree more with this statement. While certainly a more powerful motor might have easier time dealing with some road situations, it has its drawbacks. One of the main reasons is that a more powerful motor drains the battery charge faster. As such, the range is significantly limited.

The perfect motor for the mobility scooters should always be adequate to the needs of the users. On top of that, if a bigger motor means faster battery charge consumption, it also means bigger costs of more frequent recharging.

Battery type

zt16-batteries-setSpeaking of charging, a type of battery for a mobility scooter will also be important. There is a recent popular trend in picking the lithium-ion batteries. Sure, their main selling point is that they can be removed and charged at home. Is it worth it though? Only if your garage or the shed where you store the vehicle doesn’t have the electric output. Otherwise, this is just an additional cost for a fancy option that would be highly redundant.

Electric mobility scooters for adults – final pick

If you have considered all the above, then you are on the great way to get the best model. The last thing to really look at are the minor differences like favourite colour, number of wheels or storage at the back. Whichever you pick though, it will definitely be a safe and reliable machine that will serve you for years to come.

At the end of the day, you have to remember one thing: All the mobility scooters are invalid carriages. One isn’t really ‘more safe’ than the other. They all come with valid medical certificates and if they didn’t meet very rigorous requirements, they wouldn’t receive one.

If you took time to consider weight, tyres, motor power, dimensions and so on, you are good to go. Pick the one which meets your requirement and has the best looks. We hope that soon you will get one and drive around free, living independently. You deserve that and more. On final note, take time to learn the vehicle. As mentioned, they are just like a pair of new shoes, they might require time to get used to!

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Elderly & disabled mobility scooter in hot season

Customers looking for a perfect elderly & disabled mobility scooter in the upcoming season will definitely want to hunt for dragons. We aren’t kidding when we mean it, as our DRACO model will be definitely flying off our store shelves. For all dragon hunters out there, we have prepared a very hot deal as well. Be sure to continue reading to learn details!

Model DRACO, a 8mph mobility scooter, first showed itself near the end of last year. On introduction, it has quickly gained a big following and positive response from many users. Not only does it come with a pre-installed walking stick holder that can also store an umbrella. Model DRACO is a reliable vehicle that instead of a regular motorcycle throttle has an acceleration button mechanism. This ensures additional safety and ease of use which is a perfect choice for everyone.

Scorching Hot Deal For DRACO

Since the big positive response, the sales of this elderly and disabled mobility scooter have been overwhelming. Through numerous restocks in our warehouse, we have built up a quantity of this model. Since we offer only the best to our customers, we have a deal just for you. How to claim the promotion? Simply add DRACO to your basket and use the code below during the checkout process:


Starting from today and till the end of May, using the special promo code during checkout will lower the price of DRACO model for you by 5%. This is a perfect chance to get this brand-new elderly and disabled mobility scooter for the upcoming season. 

Disabled mobility scooter with a hoard of accessories

By ordering a model DRACO from our store, you will receive more than a scooter. This 8mph mobility scooter comes not only with a pre-equipped walking stick / umbrella holder. On top of this feature, we will also add a free rain cover, which will protect this fiery beast from cold water.

With this much for so low of a price, model DRACO is definitely a deal you wouldn’t want to miss out. Don’t wait, hunt model DRACO for yourself now!

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How to use a mobility scooter responsibly?

With ever growing popularity, it is high time to write a post about how to use a mobility scooter responsibly. Here we will list all do’s and don’ts when taking the vehicle for a ride. Let us take you for a spin with this blog post, it will definitely be worth reading!

To start off, we know best the feeling of sitting for the first time on a brand new mobility scooter. This feeling of new freedom and open possibilities is often so much, you just want to speed though the world. Speeding is fine, as long as it’s done with your own safety in mind. Knowing how you use a mobility scooter is the first step and often crucial.

Do’s of using a mobility scooter responsibly

Safety, safety and once again, safety. This is the most important part of everything. When you are first starting to learn the ropes of how to use a mobility scooter, always ensure you are safe. A helmet and a seatbelt might seem constricting, but never skip on those, to stay safe.

Safety isn’t the only thing important though. The knowledge of how to operate a vehicle is important, but we believe in experience. Imagine putting on a pair of new shoes. They will feel strange at first, right? Same with the vehicle, when you ride for the first few days, you will get used to it. Don’t rush this process, take your time is what we advise. You have gotten your freedom and it won’t be lost anywhere. There is lots of time to take it step by step until you are 100% sure you know how to use a mobility scooter.

How to not use a mobility scooter?

Obviously we left the best for the last! Hope you are here with us and still reading. Here’s a short list of things that should definitely be avoided:

  • Don’t try to put in a stronger engine – This might seem trivial, but some feel that 8 mph in the UK or 15.5 mph in the EU is not enough. Be advised though, the vehicle is a mobility aid, to help you with mobility problems. The vehicles aren’t designed for a race, and you shouldn’t try to modify them for one.
  • Be mindful of other pedestrians – This is a very important part. If you once again are able to move about, stay mindful of others. Sure, it would be great to show off to others or horn them out of your way, but it would also be impolite. Try to park, move and drive in a way that respects others.
  • Don’t think “I will manage to cross before the red light turns on” – The rush is the cause of most problems even to those without a mobility scooter. Don’t try to race against the clock, it is not worth it and could be dangerous.

What if you don’t know how to use a mobility scooter?

 Seek out help as you aren’t alone. We can help out, your neighbours and caretakers can help out. If that isn’t possible? Get the vehicle to a safe, even ground, away from traffic and try it out. It might seem complicated to use at first, but never forget the most important thing. Those vehicles were designed by Veleco taking into account users of all ages and ability. This means the vehicle is not beyond you, as others use them on a daily basis. It might feel overwhelming at first, but in no time you will learn how to use it and speed to favourite shops and parks. 

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The Best Guide To Buying Mobility Scooter 2021

Buying Mobility Scooter in 2021 can be a challenging task, especially for first time users. After the warm season starts, many look forward to enjoying the fresh air and sun again. The choice isn’t easy though as  in the current market, there are so many brands available. It takes lots of research to grab this best deal for a product that will satisfy customer desire for freedom.

This is why at Velobike, we have decided to write an extensive guide to buying mobility scooter in 2021. It is our hope that when you finish reading it, you will be equipped with full knowledge to make the best purchase. How about it? Let’s get on with the reading!

What are the benefits of mobility scooters for you?

It is easy to list multiple reasons why such mobility aid is great to have. There are many, and they all depend on personal preferences. One of such might be that if you have difficulty driving, then a mobility scooter might be an ideal replacement for a car.

People who aren’t able to operate a motor vehicle might find them safer to use. In this case, a mobility scooter is a better choice as they are easy to use by anyone as they don’t reach too high speeds.

Some class-2 mobility scooters can be folded down. This makes them easy to store, and they are great for daily shopping trips or park visits.

People who are recovering from injury or a surgery find them perfect for temporary assistance. In this way they can maintain their independent living.

What kind of mobility scooter do you require?

With the multitude of mobility scooters available on today’s market, it is easy to find the one just for you. Of course all online stores will market their products in best terms possible, but that doesn’t really answer the main question: what do you need the scooter for?

A small electric scooter which you can use inside your home or shopping mall? Maybe you need a vehicle that is more robust, useful for longer trips.

One of the most important considerations is the area you live in. Hills or difficult terrain can be tackled only by a more powerful vehicle with higher suspension. A flat pavement area? A simple shopper will be able to buy enough!

There is of course the physical build as well. Similarly to clothes, picking a nice looking vehicle is a great idea. Who says a 90+ years old grandpa cannot be stylish, travelling in a way that will make others envious?

How will you use your mobility scooter?

This questions always appears with every customer that considers buying mobility scooter in 2021. The best way to answer it would be by providing you a great way to narrow your choices. Once you settle on the type, the rest is just a matter of features that are to your liking.

Simple Mobility Scooter



If you are looking for cheap and affordable transport then this would be your pick. A class-2 mobility scooter like ZT16 is perfect for daily trips to shop or park. If you live in an area where you will be riding on pavement, then this is a perfect choice. People who first start to search for a scooter, just want something to help them get their mobility back, be easy to operate and won’t cost too much.

Class-2 scooters are great, because they can be usually folded in some way or have some pieces removed without usage of any tools. This makes them easier to store or transport. If you want to use this kind of vehicle somewhere far away, you can usually assemble them back at the desired location and go about your way.

Full-Size Mobility Scooter


Perfect if you look for something more heavy duty. A full-size Class-3 mobility scooter is a great choice for everyone. While they aren’t possible to disassemble, there is no need to do so. With full homologation, they can go on both pavement and road. This makes them a perfect replacement for cars.

It’s not uncommon for some of those to be considered mini-cars as on average, they can easily reach 45 miles per charge. With storage under the seat and a lockbox or basket in the back, they can carry lots of things for the user.

Stylish Mobility Scooter


Some people who have hidden disabilities or just worry about how others might view them, make this choice. A stylish mobility scooter’s purpose is to not look like a mobility aid, while still being one. With a valid medical certificate, they are usually an object of envy from many pedestrians.

Anyone worried about their own public presence, will find this choice the best one. Of course, it is not all about looks, as those scooters usually come with all great features. You should definitely consider this option if you are buying mobility scooter in 2021.

Using the electric scooter

First thing to do when the scooter is delivered

Try it first, on a flat surface and in areas free of traffic. Getting a proper feel for the controls and gaining confidence is the first step. Switch it on, practice acceleration, deceleration, braking and turning. A good way is to test how the scooter deals with curbs as well.

Make sure that the vehicle doesn’t hold any secrets and that you know how to fully operate it. Learn how to adjust the mobility scooter seat and how to get on and off without assistance.

That out of the way, it is vital to find a suitable place to store this vehicle when it’s not in use. A small scooter might be easy to keep indoors, but otherwise a garage or shed might be more convenient. Always make sure that you have a power outlet because you might need to recharge it.

Do not forget servicing as this allows you to keep the scooter at optimum level. The manufacturer might also have great tips and tricks on how to maintain the mobility scooter longevity, so don’t be shy to ask or check their blog!

Charging the electric scooter


Always make sure to check the battery level before going out. If you think a recharge is needed, do as follows:

  1. Turn the power switch to the OFF position
  2. Connect charger to charging port off the scooter and the other end to power outlet.
  3. When you see the orange or red LED light, it is a n indication that the charging ins in progress
  4. The LED will turn into green colour once the battery is fully charged.
  5. Do not leave the vehicle charging if the battery is full. Disconnect the vehicle from the port and then from the power outlet.

Stay on the safe side when using a mobility scooter

As mentioned before, make sure the battery is fully charged. Afterwards, look if all storages and seats are properly secured in place. As with any vehicle, avoid using a mobility scooter if you are feeling sick or tired.

Stay visible to other cars and pedestrians when you are riding. All scooters have lights so never forget to use them.

Try not to overload your vehicle with bags and accessories. It might seem cool, but too many items might obstruct view or ability to control the vehicle.

Before going on a journey, always plan a route to know where you are going. It’s best to avoid busy roads or too narrow pavements. 

How to research the best mobility scooter brands?

At this time, you can find numerous brands that offer to you an option of buying mobility scooter in 2021. However, the best stand out there from the crowd. It is a good practice to consider things like warranties, return policies and shipping policies.

We believe that if you are making research, always make sure the brand is clear on where the product and its parts are manufactured. If you are unable to get proper information, it might point to products being manufactured in places that cannot guarantee good quality.

Another thing to consider is to check if the brand you want to purchase is part of a bigger seller network. Obviously, a local seller with no named manufacturer and no connection to other companies won’t be very trustworthy. For example, Velobike is a part of the Veleco Authorized Reseller Network and apart from us, many other companies can vouch for the Polish manufacturer of our products and their parts. This is the best confirmation of quality.

In short: Always check if external companies can vouch for credibility of the place you wish to purchase from. If a company seems shady or doesn’t want to provide clear information where their products come from, avoid it.

Three vs four wheel scooter?

So, you know what type and brand of mobility scooter you wish to purchase? Great job, now you need to decide for the most vital aspect. Based on your height or weight, you might decide between maneuverability and stability. Obviously, a four wheel model will feel more secure to you than a three wheeler. However, no need to worry. Both are from a medical aid which means that neither will topple over. A three wheel scooter will be able to manage more difficult curves while a four wheel will offer higher ease of mind, especially for first time users.

Available options and accessories

Once you narrow down models that you feel are the best mobility scooters, you should definitely check options and accessories. Many mobility scooters will have upgrades, which will personalize the vehicle further for you.

The most common option to be found in stores is choice of a battery type. Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion are comparable, with the difference that a lithium-ion can be removed and charged at home. A word of caution though, as those who wish to travel on a plane might face difficulties if their scooter comes with lithium-ion option. Some airlines don’t allow those on their aircrafts.

Lots of mobility scooters have also different accessories, such as canopies, phone holders, cup holders, oxygen tank holders, cane or walking stick holders. Some scooters that might seem cheap in stores can only be upgraded with dedicated accessories which cost a lot.

If you have found a mobility scooter that you like, always check the page for accessories and available options. Even if you don’t see what you would like though, always ask the seller as they might have something just for you.

Before you decide buying mobility scooter in 2021


The last thing to do is to make sure that your source of mobility scooter deals directly with the manufacturer and offers secure payment options. This way you can be sure that you get a good warranty and that technical support at a good and affordable price. Since such products can be considered luxury goods, many opt to purchase mobility scooters on finance. Smart sellers will usually work with a popular and well known company like Klarna, that will handle finance option securely for you. Of course to make sure you will pass the credit score check, it is best to set up a higher first deposit. What to do in case you won’t get a possibility to purchase on finance? Get in touch with the seller, as most of them will do everything in their might to help you get their product!

You are ready to purchase now

We have shared what we could with you and really hope this will make a purchase easier and more secure for you! If this guide helps you find the right choice, it means we did something awesome! If you consider one of our vehicles, feel free to contact us as we can answer all of your remaining questions and offer professional aid.

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Mobility scooter on finance with Klarna

Ever wished to buy our mobility scooter on finance? Now it is very easy to do! By partnering up with Klarna, our online store can now offer all customers a finance option. By doing so, we made shopping more accessible to everyone. This includes especially those who prefers to pay month by month instead of full sum up front.

Let’s start with a short introduction. First of all, Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Being an experienced provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online shops, they will make your shopping more comfortable. By having such a big online presence, Klarna is very trusted among customers and they all know that their payments are securely handled.

Why is Klarna a safe way to pay?

Because they have notable renown, billions of customers have used their services and they have pristine positive opinions. Apart from extensive payment solutions, they offer great customer service and even a very handy FAQ which can answer all questions.

We have their FAQ in our shop as well now, so we recommend reading it thoroughly in case of any questions about their financing plans. 

Another reason to put your trust in Klarna is that if you want to purchase big-ticket items, then this solution is a sure way to get them without paying full price. Paying little by little every month is often more comfortable to many customers, who prefer to control their flow of money.

Mobility scooter on finance – number of installments

With Klarna at Velobike, when purchasing accessories or a mobility scooter on finance, there are two payment methods. First finance option is available only to products that are above £1000. Customers interested in those products can select the Klarna 12 months installments plan.

Second option with Klarna at our store is available for products under £1000. In this case, you can use their Pay in 3 option. This means that a product will have to be paid for in just 3 installments.

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