Press Enquiries

Press Enquiries

Our specialists at are always looking forward to answering any and all press enquiries. Since mobility scooters are something about which we have vast and unlimited knowledge we would be more than happy to assist. Our experts are always looking forward to help journalists and other members of the media with their questions. With our extensive experience on mobility scooters and other related topics, we are always at full

On our end, we are able to supply digital products and lifestyle photographies on request. We are also pleased to submit well-written articles of highly professional quality for publication on any mobility scooter related theme. Our team members will gladly participate in interviews to provide quality information for article and magazine readers.

We can deliver a mobility scooter on short loan to approved titles for photography, fashion shoots and other editorial features. is always looking forward to being featured in various articles.

Bloggers and vloggers are welcome too

If you run a small or big blog or vlog and scout for first-hand information, contact us as well. We might be able to provide you with a great source of details regarding mobility scooters, disabilities, and topics related to them.

We always look forward to work with various influencers and brand ambassadors, however we reserve the right to politely decline cooperation if:

– More than 50% content isn’t aimed at proper audience related to our products / customer base,
– The blog / vlog quality is not up to standards (i.e. low quality videos or photos, poor writing skills),
– Very rare updates, which amount to less than once a week.

If you believe you can cooperate with us, feel free to download and review our influencer agreement.

Remember Velobike prizes itself with quality first and foremost, and we take special measure that there is never any misinformation. All content must have high respect for ethics and no hard-sell tactics included in any of our promotional material. If you believe you can help us out by building up social awareness regarding mobility scooters in the United Kingdom and provide good quality content to those interested in them, contact us!

How to get in contact

If you have any press enquiries, please contact us:
Unit 9D Beds
Industrial Park
Old bridge Way
Shefford SG17 5HQ
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1234 816404