Press & Media Enquiries to Velobike

Press & Media Enquiries

Our team at velobike is always looking forward to answering all Press & Media Enquiries. Since mobility scooters and independent living are the topics about which we have vast and unlimited knowledge. We look forward to help journalists, article writers, advertisers and other members of the media with their questions, by providing reliable and verifiable information. What can we do for you:

Inspiring visual content
We can supply you with high-resolution images and photographies of mobility scooters for use in your publications. Contact us via email to receive access to exclusive download page.

Physical media
If you need physical brochures or catalogues for reference in your publications, we can send them to you.

Products loan
We can deliver a product to you for photoshoots in your news stories.

Editorial Features
There is a vast amount of knowledge  about mobility scooters and people who rely on them. We are happy to share it by collaborating with you to suggest content for editorial features.

Share expertise
We are ready at all times to participate in podcasts, interviews and advertisements.

Velobike is always looking forward  to answering Press & Media Enquiries. Get in touch with us via email: and we will definitely respond.

Bloggers and Vloggers

If you run a blog or vlog and scout for first-hand information, contact us as well. We might be able to provide you with a great source of details regarding mobility scooters, disabilities, and topics related to them.

We always look forward to work with various influencers and brand ambassadors, however we reserve the right to politely decline cooperation. What has meaning for us is:

  • Audience of your content. Obviously we would like it to be similar to our customer base;
  • Quality of your content. We will be likely to avoid being featured in very low quality videos or photos, or poor writing skills;
  • Frequency of updates on your channels, if you look for a long term cooperation with us.

If you believe you can cooperate with us, feel free to download and review our influencer agreement. It is an example of what you might expect though we do leave room for negotiation on this.

For us importance of quality comes first and foremost. We take special care that there is never any misinformation. All content must have high respect for ethics in all promotional material. We are a dealer and want to sell our products, but as our customer base consists of elders or people with disabilities, we do not approve of trickery or hard-sell tactics. The main goal is to reach people out there, who feel trapped and restrained and provide them with full freedom. If you believe you can help us out by building up social awareness regarding mobility scooters in the United Kingdom and provide good quality content to those interested in them, talk with us.

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