Extended 3-Year Warranty

Authorised by the Veleco manufacturer

Do you want to save money while having the peace of mind that your scooter will be in our care for a long time?

You don’t want to worry about unexpected faults, do you?

We have the perfect solution for you – Extended 3-Year Warranty!

1-year warranty
No hidden costs
12 months
No Warranty Certificate
No free periodic inspection
159 GBP price for an additional inspection
Unlimited free call-outs under warranty repair
Free replacement of parts under warranty
Free online support
Full access to spare parts
Free access to maintenance videos support
3-year warranty
No hidden costs
36 months
Warranty Certificate
3 free periodic inspections during 3 years covered by the warranty (one per year)
59 GBP flat rate for an additional inspection during 3 years covered by the warranty
Unlimited free call-outs under warranty repair
Free replacement of parts under warranty
Free online support
Full access to spare parts
Free access to maintenance videos support

Extend your warranty and sleep peacefully!

Extended 3-Year Warranty provides you with our care for your mobility scooter for 36 months instead of one year as the basic warranty.

Imagine each day of extended warranty costing you just £0.45. With us it’s possible! The cost of the Extended 3-Year Warranty is only £499. No hidden costs!

By purchasing the Extended 3-Year Warranty you receive Warranty Certificate. This is the document that entitles you to the Extended Warranty terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of the Extended 3-Year Warranty are the same as for our annual warranty, except that they last for 3 years. To see any details about the warranty conditions click here.

You can purchase an Extended 3-Year Warranty through our shop by selecting this option next to your scooter model. If you already own a Veleco mobility scooter and would like to purchase the Extended 3-Year Warranty, please call us on (00 44) 0 1234 816 404 or send us an email at: office@velobike.co.uk.

We guarantee 3 free periodic inspections for you during the Extended 3-Year Warranty – one per year.

Do you want to avoid huge repair costs and have peace of mind?

We know what to do to prevent this.

Use our Extended 3-Year Warranty and take care of your future today.

extended 3 year warranty

Authorised by the Veleco manufacturer.

Extended Warranty FAQ

What is the Extended 3-Year Warranty?

It is an extended version of the 12 month warranty to 36 months warranty for Veleco products.

What exactly does the Extended 3-Year Warranty cover and what does it not?

You can find the terms and conditions on our website.

When can I purchase it?

At the time of purchase of the scooter or at any time within 36 months of the scooter being delivered to your door.

How many times can I purchase it?

Once for a single scooter model that you own.

I have purchased an extended warranty. When will it take effect?

The extended warranty period starts from the moment the scooter is delivered to you by our driver.

For which mobility scooter models can I purchase it?

You can buy Extended 3-Year Warranty for all mobility scooters.

Who is the owner of the Warranty Certificate?

The person whose full name is enlisted on the Warranty Certificate.

Can extended warranty be transferred to someone else?

You can’t transfer it to someone else. An exception is the death of the mobility scooter owner. These are exceptional situations which we consider individually.

Does the free inspection per year can carry over to the next year?

The free inspection does not carry over to the following year so any unused free inspection per year will be forfeited.

What if I need more than one inspection in the year?

You can order an additional inspection from us by phone: (00 44) 0 1234 816 404 or email: office@velobike.co.uk. A flat rate is applied: 59 GBP for any additional inspection.

Can I cancel my purchase?

You have 14 calendar days from the date of purchase of the Extended 3-Year Warranty to cancel your purchase. To do so, email us at: office@velobike.co.uk with your Extended 3-Year Warranty purchase cancellation information and return the certificate by post to: Veleco Sp. z o. o., Bernarda Ludwika Hantkego 7, 42-202 Częstochowa.

*Extended 3-Year Warranty only applies to items under warranty. To find more about Extended 3-Year Warranty Term and Conditions visit our website.