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Mobility scooter insurance from Surewise. Insure your vehicle at Velobike.

Have you ever considered the peace of mind that comes with insuring your mobility scooter? In a world where unexpected events are just around the corner, securing your scooter is something definitely worth considering.

This article is your guide to mobility scooter insurance, brought to you by Veleco and Surewise. Get ready to discover everything from the profitability of insurance, and detailed coverage options, to the simple process of insuring your scooter, whether it’s from Velobike or another brand.

With over 2000 Veleco scooters already in the safe hands of Surewise’s insurance, and a range of policies that cater to every need and scooter type, the question isn’t just ‘why insure?’ but rather ‘why not?’.

Is a mobility scooter insurance mandatory and why you should consider it?

While it’s not a legal requirement to have mobility scooter insurance, it’s an incredibly wise decision. Just imagine the financial burden if your scooter breaks down, gets a flat, or suffers damage. Repair or replacement costs can be hefty, regardless of the brand of the vehicle. What’s more, isn’t it a pure pleasure to ride the medical vehicle with peace of mind and some savings in the pockets? An insurance policy ensures you’re covered for accidents, breakdowns, or theft.

The Veleco and Surewise collaboration – enhancing Velobike’s scooter insurance

No one knows better how important offering a mobility scooter insurance with a vehicle purchase is than our customers. Surewise and Veleco have teamed up to offer a comprehensive insurance policy tailored for mobility scooter owners and ones who are buying their vehicles right in time. Forget about wasting your time searching in web browser the best mobility scooter insurance company. Forget about looking for the best cost-effective offer. We did it all for you.

Now you can insure your scooter in a few minutes without a need for going out, calling somewhere, sending emails or doing some paperwork. All you have to do is click right here and follow the simple instructions Surewise gives you at every step of the insurance process.

Surewise mobility scooter insurance – the basic information

Surewise diverse policy options begin at just £38.00 annually. You can choose a monthly payment option as well, which is only £3.80 a month for a basic insurance policy. Additionally, Surewise guarantees to match or beat any cheaper comparable insurance quote you find – valid up to a week after your purchase.

What does Surewise mobility scooter insurance cover?

  • Loss or damage protection. Surewise safeguards your scooter against accidents, malicious damage, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters like fires, storms, and floods.
  • Recovery costs or full 24/7 recovery service. Choose between a reimbursement of up to £150 per claim post an insured event, or opt for the 24/7 Recovery Service within a 20-mile radius of your vehicle, home or holiday location.
  • Continued mobility. While your scooter is being repaired, we cover the rental cost for an alternative mobility scooter.
  • Personal accident and legal expenses. In case of hospitalization, claim up to £10 per day. Also, receive coverage up to £100 000 for legal costs against those responsible for causing your injury.
  • Additional coverage includes protection for your scooter when it’s locked in your car or left outside for short durations. You can also add your manual wheelchair to this policy at no extra cost.

Optional extras

  • Breakdown recovery: 24/7 assistance, 20-mile radius, no additional fees, recovery home or to local repairer.
  • Puncture care: coverage for both accidental and malicious damage, up to  £95 per puncture, up to £300 of cover per year, UK callout assistance.
  • Key cover: includes loss, theft or damage, car and home keys covered, locksmith fees for security risk, infrared & immobilisers covered.
  • Extended Warranty: comprehensive repair coverage for mechanical and electrical breakdown, new replacement guarantee, the full cost of repair, including parts, callout, and labour.

How does the insurance process work with Surewise?

Surewise provides itself with customizable policies. Whether you have a lightweight portable scooter or a heavy-duty model, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. All you have to do is visit the website about mobility scooter insurance and follow the intuitive layout and instructions. In the end, it’s only a few places to fill with your data and the insurance options selection. While the process you can decide whether you would like to pay – make a one-time annual payment or choose a monthly plan. And that’s it – you’re set.

Can I purchase a mobility scooter with insurance included?

The collaboration between Veleco and Surewise extends beyond just insuring your existing scooter. Now, you can handle everything at once – right at the point of purchase of a Veleco mobility scooter at Velobike.

How do you buy a scooter with insurance?

Simply select the appropriate insurance option available with the specific model of mobility scooter you choose. You can also contact us directly – send an email at or give us a call: (00 44) 0 1234 816 404, and we will assist you through the entire process of purchasing insurance for the scooter you’ve just bought from us.

Don’t have a scooter from Velobike? Here’s where you can insure your vehicle.

Remember, Surewise offers insurance not just for Veleco mobility scooters but for any other brand as well. If you already own a scooter, but it wasn’t purchased from our online store, all is not lost! Click here, and in a few seconds, you’ll be directed to the short and intuitive insurance process for your scooter. You’re already familiar with how this works, as we explained it a couple of paragraphs above. So, if you’re wondering, ‘where can I quickly and affordably insure my mobility scooter’, regardless of its brand, Surewise is undoubtedly the ideal place for that.

What types of mobility scooters can you insure with Surewise?

At Surewise, you can insure every type of Veleco mobility scooters – class-2, class-3, or any brand’s folding models. Moreover, Surewise provides insurance for two-seater mobility scooters, also known as tandems. Currently, Surewise’s insurance database includes over 2000 Veleco mobility scooters. Why not join them?

Insurance for electric-powered wheelchairs – is it available?

While not legally required, insuring an electric-powered wheelchair is strongly recommended due to its possible high cost and vital role in the lives of users. Surewise electric wheelchair insurance covers such vehicles up to £2000. On the other hand mobility scooter insurance extends to all powered wheelchairs valued over £2000, with additional manual wheelchair coverage.

Why is it worth to insure an electric wheelchair?

For those reliant on their wheelchairs, insurance is crucial. Surewise policies are designed to maintain your mobility and peace of mind in the face of unforeseen events. Secure your wheelchair insurance quickly and easily through this website.

What does wheelchair insurance cover?

Surewise wheelchair insurance protects against a variety of unexpected circumstances that could affect you or others. Whether you own or hire the wheelchair, or suffer accidental damage or punctures, Surewise and Veleco have you covered.

Surewise – your mobility scooter insurance umbrella

As we reach the end of our guide through the ins and outs of electric-powered wheelchair and mobility scooter insurance, it’s clear that Surewise and Veleco, in partnership with Velobike, offer a solution that’s not just about compliance but about comfort, confidence, and continuity in your daily life.

Whether you’re securing your daily mode of mobility or preparing for the unforeseen, Surewise and Veleco have crafted an insurance umbrella under which every scooter owner can find shelter. Remember, with Surewise, your mobility, peace of mind, and freedom are just a click away. Join the thousands who’ve chosen to navigate life’s unpredictable roads with the assurance that comes from being well-insured.

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  1. Hi I am needing insurance for my new veleco scooter and was wondering if you could give me a quote modal faster

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for reaching out, you can easily follow the link below to the surewise website:

      There, you will only need to fill out basic information regarding the scooter, and the insurer will show you the quote as it depends on the price and model of the scooter and what additional options you choose 🙂

      Feel free to give us a call or contact us on the email if you need any more help 😉
      Our email is:

  2. I always understood tandem mobility scooters were illegal in the UK

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