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What is mobility scooter insurance?

While at Velobike we do not deal with mobility scooter insurance, we often encounter questions regarding it. This is why just for you, our dear readers, we have decided to cover this topic. We hope that by doing so, we might offer advice in the right direction.

Without a doubt, for you or someone close to you, a mobility scooter is more than a vehicle. It is a means of freedom, which brings back full mobility. From talking with many customers and readers, such as yourself through the years, there is no doubt that our vehicles encounter all sorts of situations.

Being more expensive and useful than bicycles, it is always a great idea to take care of your mobility scooter. It is used daily, so every time you get on, it would put your mind at ease knowing the vehicle is protected.

Do you need insurance?

At Velobike we offer a one-year warranty and Extended 3-Year Warranty however such things never cover all bases. Theft, Vandalism & Accidental Damage are just some things that users of mobility scooters have to look out for.

Remember, insurance in case of mobility scooters is always optional. While not required though, we highly would recommend getting one. As an example, if for some reason your mobility scooter stops in the middle of the ride, an insurance company is able to dispatch the driver to get you and the scooter. As you can see, if you own a Class-2 or Class-3 mobility scooter, you can insure it for many events.

Where to get mobility scooter insurance?

While we don’t work directly with companies which offer insurances, they aren’t hard to find. When browsing the internet, it is easy to encounter many insurers which offer such services. Examples of such are: Surewise, Blue Badge or Fish Insurance.

How to get the best deal? The only way is to check various offers, but if it were up to us, we would look at customer opinions first. Google reviews or Trust pilot ones are great sources of information. Speaking of which, have you left a review for us? 😉  You can do so under products in our site, our trust pilot or even google review!

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2 thoughts on “What is mobility scooter insurance?

  1. my friend purchased a zt15 un Aug 22..but had only had 1 test run on it and found it too big and fast..she has sold it onto me as she never used it..she’s given me all manuals n paperwork but how do I go about insuring it? 1 of question are is it type 1 or type 2 mobility scooter..any ideas please I’d be grateful as would lile to insure it b4 I go out on it

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for your comment. You can easily insure your ZT15 in Surewise Company. Here is the link to the quick insuring process: All it takes is few clicks and you’ll have your scooter insured. As for the type of scooter you own – Veleco mobility scooters available in our offer are class-3 mobility scooters (and so is yours) except the ZT16 model which is a class-2 mobility scooter. 🙂

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