Everything about purchasing electric scooter on finance would be pleased to sell you an electric scooter on finance, which includes mobility scooters and mopeds. The payments are handled by Klarna, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

At Velobike, we believe that the freedom granted by an electric scooters, should be accessible for everyone. Thanks to very effective financing plans, we ensure that buying mobility scooter and electric moped on finance is not only affordable, but also very pleasant experience.

How to pay for electric scooter on finance?

  • Add desired product to shopping basket
  • Enter checkout
  • *Pick “Pay in instalments” option on the right.

*Depending on your country of delivery, Klarna financing option might not be available.

Why Klarna is a good choice?

  • Promotional interest rate is always: 0%
  • 100% guaranteed safe transaction
  • Full price divided in 12 months

For more information regarding Klarna financing, visit our FAQ section, which will provide  details.

If you need help placing an order or have any additional questions, call us on (00 44) 0 1234 816 404. We can also call you back, simply use our chat or send us an email with your phone.

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