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When booked test drive of mobility scooter?

If you are considering purchase of any electric scooter, it is when test drive comes in handy. Are you a first time buyer? You want to see if the vehicle is fit for you? The choice can be made easier by booking a test drive option from our site.

When a test drive is something you would like to try, you can do so easily. At Velobike we understand fully that such products are bought once for years to come. It is not a decision to make lightly and many of our customers can have plenty of questions.

What is the best way to address all of them? By showing and letting you all experience the scooters for yourselves! Interested enough? Read on to our handy guide about booking one for yourself.

How to book a test drive from Velobike? — Handy guide

How does it work? Once you book a test drive, you will be paying 100 pounds deposit. The order is received by us and then the scooter is being assembled.

Once that is done, between 3 and 9 working days in the UK or 5 and 12 in the EU, our driver will deliver the scooter for you to test. This way you will be able to check whether it meets your expectations before deciding to purchase.

  1. Find the product you would like check in our shop.
  2. Enter the product page.
  3. You will notice a navy blue “Home demonstration”. Click it.
  4. In the window that shows up, fill in your billing details so that we know where to deliver the scooter.
  5. Fill in the card details, it will cost you only £50! Then once done, click the “Submit payment” button.

Congratulations, you have just ordered the test drive. The driver will be with you in between 3 and 9 working days (UK) or 5 and 12 working days (EU).

Remember, the £50 aren’t refundable, however if you decide to buy the scooter after the test drive, the £50 you have already paid will be deducted from the full price.

What should you know after booking one?

When test drive is booked, you can expect a newly assembled scooter to be delivered up to your doorstep. This machine was assembled just for you, no one else had tested it as it is a brand-new vehicle.

On top of that, our driver will be there to answer all of your questions regarding the usage of this scooter, so you will be able to learn anything you might be curious about.

Remember, that test drive option is amongst top 5 questions asked by customers when buying electric scooter!

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2 thoughts on “When booked test drive of mobility scooter?

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