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Fastest Mobility Scooters in Velobike

Novice mobility scooters users ask themselves the question about the fastest vehicles they can own. In this article we will try to explain the technical specifications and compare some of the most popular electric vehicles. Why? Because there is not much information about it on the web. At Velobike we have vast knowledge of our products as well as the laws under our mobility scooters can operate.

Speed limits and law regarding mobility scooters.

First, let’s talk about the legal regulations relating to the speed limits. There are three classes of mobility scooters which we can navigate in different places and allow us to go at different speeds.

– Class 1 are manual wheelchairs – self / attendant propelled and not electrically powered

– Class 2 are mobility scooters with able to achieve maximum speed 4mph. They may only travel on pavements and designated areas such as: footpaths, pavements, and when crossing roads. Please note that you can’t ride this class mobility scooters on a carriageway.

Class 3 are mobility scooters with ability to achieve maximum speed of 8mph. These scooters are only intended for use on the road. Some of the models on the market have much higher performance, however, you should bear in mind that the law allows vehicles to be driven up to a certain speed.



What to look for when choosing a fast mobility scooter?

First of all, we need to think about the driving style and the surface for which the vehicle we are buying is intended to be used. In addition, you should check whether the vehicle you have chosen meets all the legal requirements for travelling in the chosen location.

Additional advantages of certain fastest mobility scooters.


Battery life

Long battery life. Important part of the mobility scooter is the battery. As it is well known, their lifetime (number of charges) depends on their quality. Veleco offers scooters equipped with Lead Acid Gel batteries that allow 600 full charges and the battery charge time from 0 to 100 is 8 hours. For FASTER and DRACO, it is possible to optionally replace the battery with an lithium-ion batery.



An important advantage of many mobility scooters is their range. This depends on the battery strength and the weight of the scooter. Thanks to the careful Veleco’s design of vehicles such as CRISTAL and FASTER, a range of up to 37mil can be achieved!


Turning radius mobility scooter

The turning radius is a feature that makes it easier to navigate in many hard-to-reach places. For this reason, here are three mobility scooter models that cope with it best.

Model of mobility scooter


Wheel turning radius mobility scooter [in]
ZT16 35,43
DRACO 64,96
ZT15 74,80


Tilt angle

There are often obstacles on the road, such as hills. But Veleco constructions are able to overcome them very well. According to Velobike’s research, the most frequent question from customers is at what angle of inclination relative to the plane they will be able to move. In the case of mobility scooters manufactured by Veleco, the tilt angle under which you can move is as high as 17 degrees.

Electromagnetic brake

An interesting feature is the electromagnetic brake, which is automatically activated when the scooter is switched off. Their purpose of it is to prevent the vehicle from potentially rolling down a hill. Unfortunately not many mobility scooters have this feature. However with Velobike, it is possible to find vehicles such as the ZT15 and DRACO which have the above mentioned improvements.

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2 thoughts on “Fastest Mobility Scooters in Velobike

  1. how fast does the veleco faster go?

    1. Hi Tim,
      Veleco Faster is a mobility scooter, so it is able to achieve maximum speed of 8mph.

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