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Veleco wins again – Quality International Trophy

Another trophy in Veleco‘s collection! The Quality International Trophy is a nationwide project that aims to promote effective quality management methods in companies and institutions. Our mobility scooters manufacturer received this award for their timeless product FASTER, which is particularly popular among our satisfied customers.

The Quality International Trophy is currently the largest cross-industry pro-quality competition in Poland, bringing together representatives of companies and institutions operating in Poland around the idea of quality management.

For many years, Veleco has been taking care of customer satisfaction by training and educating its employees. Many years of experience and complexity have led to international recognition.
Veleco’s strong market position and attention to detail have made their increasingly popular in Europe, dominating the UK market and beyond.

The Highest Quality International emblem confirms that the winners of the competition apply the highest standards of management. Also constitutes an element of building their competitive advantage. Winning the Certificate and the prestigious Emblem – a recognizable mark of international importance. It’s a clear message to customers and business partners, is the confirmation of a clear quality policy and support in creating a positive image. The winners, as members of the elite Quality Leaders Club (companies, institutions and local governments focused on the idea of quality management), are also given the opportunity to improve their quality procedures and exchange experiences during meetings and conferences.

Veleco wins, but the victory gives them no reason to slow down. Knowing their crew’s approach to life, we are sure of further awards. Ahead of them and us, there are new missions and goals to achieve. We are all already working on by introducing innovative solutions in cooperation of our teams and modern technologies.


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