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Veleco – new mobility scooter of 2020

New mobility scooter straight from Veleco is on its way! Are you in the market for some brand-new technology? In two months’ time we are going to unravel our new product and for the first buyers there will be a special gift included!

For all outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy using three wheeled electric mobility scooters, this magnificent brand-new model is the way to go. With extensive testing behind the manufacturing process and considering all the customer reviews that were gathered thus far, it is a vehicle one of its kind.

Why does this awesome new mobility scooter come now? Veleco celebrates its 3rd year anniversary and this is why, a special offer will appear soon Be sure to keep track on our Facebook and check out our Advice Centre as we will be posting more and more details soon!

Why would the new mobility scooter suit your needs?

Not only it has built upon its predecessors and vast experience of trial and errors, it provides the ultimate comfort and ease of use. Taking into lots of feedback, this new mobility scooter will meet all needs and wishes of users.

Can we give any confirmed information for you? Certainly we can! Just between the two of us, the new mobility scooter will definitely come with a spacious box in the back.

When would it be available?

Currently, Veleco still keeps the name and specifications out of our eyes and ears, but in two months time, the mystery will be unraveled. As have we mentioned before, check daily for the news, once this vehicle goes online on our store, there will be a limited time to grab the special offer which will include an awesome gift from us!

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4 thoughts on “Veleco – new mobility scooter of 2020

  1. Bought one of these in May 2020 bloody marvelous fast and great fa going up hills
    Just don’t really tell when to charge your scooter, you have to keep an eye on energy gage

    1. Great to hear it Vanessa! We are always happy when our customers enjoy our vehicles 😀 If you ever need any help or support, let us know, we are always there for our customers!

  2. please send details to me asp

    1. Thanks for the reply, we are glad to see interest on this upcoming product 🙂 Once we have more info to share, we will definitely post it, along with something much bigger a week from the premiere of this new product.

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