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How to maintain mobility scooter properly?

Do you want to know how to maintain mobility scooter the best way possible? At Velobike we often receive this question. This is why we have decided to answer it to the best of our ability. Here you will learn how to store and maintain your precious vehicle!

It is no big surprise that when you decide to buy a vehicle from us, you would wish to maintain mobility scooter the best way you can. We could go in deep details on this as specialists. However, we believe that you, our dear reader, would rather know the most important basics fists.

Thus, we have concluded that storage of the scooter as well as taking care of the battery would be the most important two things.

How to store electric disability scooter?

The perfect storage for your mobility scooter would definitely be in a dry, clean space like a garage or shed. It might seem trivial but moisture is the worst enemy as it can have negative impact on your battery longevity and brakes.

Did you know the brand-new scooter can start off with squeaky wheels in the beginning until the brakes settle in? If the scooter was used for some time and you notice that your wheels start to squeak, the issue in most cases can be related to brake pads which grew bigger due to constant exposure to water. The issue will fix itself after riding a few hundred meters but this is already a signal for you that maybe the scooter needs to be kept more secure from moisture.

When picking a storage place, a wise choice is one with electricity socket which would allow you to charge it at the same time. You should also keep it locked, to avoid any possible theft. 

Is there anything else you should be aware of?

  • Keep it clean to prevent dirt from getting into any moving parts,
  • Regularly check underside of the scooter to remove any obstructions,
  • Keep the scooter dry to avoid corrosion,
  • Buy a cover to keep your disability scooter from dust.

Can the scooter be stored at home? There is no reason not to as they aren’t that big!

How to charge and maintain disability scooter batteries

How to perfectly maintain mobility scooter batteries? You won’ be the first one that asks about this. Most mobility scooters you can buy over internet have only two 12-volt rechargeable batteries that come in varying sizes. At Velobike, all of our scooters come with powerful batteries either 48V or 60V battery which will last long rides.

It is a good practice to always keep the battery charged after any longer ride. Our experts advise to absolutely never allow the mobility scooter battery to be completely depleted and stay in garage without charge for longer period as it might damage the battery.

Properly maintained, all of the batteries would be able to last up to two or three years (in some cases even five), after which they would need a replacement around 300£.

It usually takes between 8 and 10 hours to charge the scooter, so it is best to do it overnight 

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12 thoughts on “How to maintain mobility scooter properly?

  1. Do you have instructions for brake adjustment for a Veleco Faster please

    1. Hello Mike, thank you for getting in touch! 🙂 Yes, we do. We have maintenance video support for every mobility scooter we offer. Please email us at [email protected] and we will provide you with the video instruction of brake adjustment for your FASTER. Greetings!

  2. My ZT63 Won’t charge up when I plug it in the battery pack goes straight to green and the scooter reading says it’s fully charged but it won’t start up

  3. Where do i find the gear box top up cap on the velobike

    1. Send photos of the part you need to [email protected]

  4. Can I get front disc brake pads and rear drum brake shoes for my 4 wheel faster

  5. Can I get a new front offside brake caliph for a VELECO 4 Wheeled Electric Mobility Scooter 1000W Faster

    1. No problem Jim, we have responded to you via email. Always glad to be of help to all of our customers 🙂

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