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The autumn mobility scooter user guide. Latest launches and tips for riding in rainy days.

Those who garage their mobility scooters as soon as the first autumn rain falls are among us. Then there are also those for whom no weather is terrible and who use their electric mobility scooters as all-season vehicles. Regardless of which group of Velo users you identify with in your daily life, take a look at our autumn mobility scooter user guide. Here you will find tips on how to use and maintain an electric scooter in autumn as well as a little summary of our latest launches including something really special for this year’s autumn.

Riding a mobility scooter in autumn – What’s worth knowing?

Autumn days can be changeable and capricious. Wet leaves on the pavement, slippery surfaces after rain or fog all require us to take an extra care when driving a scooter. It might seem unlikely to be possible to ride an electric mobility scooter at this time of the year. Meanwhile, nothing could be further from the truth. In that case, what in particular is worth paying attention to in order to comfortably and safely ride a mobility scooter in autumn? Here are some suggestions!

A little reminder for autumn riders

  • Regularly check the battery charging level and store your scooter in a warm, dry place when not in use.
  • Ensure the tyres are properly inflated and have sufficient tread to provide good grip on wet leaves or slippery surfaces.
  • Use bright lights and reflective elements to be even more visible for other road users. It gets dark earlier in autumn, which can limit visibility on road.
  • Consider if your scooter needs an additional protection from the autumn rain. At this time of the year mobility scooters with canopy and windshield are one of the most chosen by our customers. A roof and windshield can protect you and your scooter from getting wet when it’s non-heavily raining.
  • Clean your scooter from the mud, wet, and leaves regularly to keep the vehicle in a good condition and to avoid a corrosion. Remember to wipe it dry after every ride.
  • Ride slow and keep the caution when riding on wet surfaces, especially on the bends. Remember that on a wet or covered with leaves road braking distance is much longer that on dry surfaces. It is easy to slip if the speed isn’t adapted to the road conditions.

How to take care after a mobility scooter before winter? – a short checklist

Before winter comes, it is worthwhile to arrange a full inspection of your mobility scooter with the authorised service. It is important when it comes to make sure that all the scooter’s elements are in a good condition and work well enough to ride a scooter anytime. Of course you can arrange it anytime if needed or as soon as the season for your rides is over, i.e. if you’re not using your vehicle in autumn. To do so, simply give us a phone call (+44 01234 816 404) or email us at . What’s more remember to garage your scooter in a dry and warm place and regularly charge the battery, even if the vehicle is not used. For more information about looking after a mobility scooter in winter, please visit our blog post here.

Autumn launches – 4 and 3 wheels mobility scooters with canopy

Autumn can surprise with an unexpected rain. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve got a lot of mobility scooters with roof in our offer. Canopies protect a rider and a scooter from unexpected, light rain and make every ride comfortable despite of the weather conditions. These models are designed with the ones in mind that do not want to resign of riding a mobility scooter even if the weather is capricious. Absolutely new to Velobike’s offer is a bestseller Veleco model DRACO now available with canopy. Together with Veleco TURRIS these two models are duo of trikes with roof and windshield.

Maintenance-free and trouble-free solid tyres – ideal for riding a mobility scooter in autumn

Solid tyres are the best solution when it comes to good wheels for autumn. Thanks to them you do not have to be worried about the punctures while riding on the uneven terrain full of broken twigs and sharp stones. What’s more, they provide an even more stable and confident ride even on wet surface which isn’t surprising in the autumn months and you should be prepared for this if you want to ride your scooter all year round.

Fully adjustable captain seats for your comfort on the move

High back captain seats are the real revolution in the world of mobility scooters. With the ability to tailor the position of the seat, users can achieve the perfect balance of support and comfort. These seats are designed to accommodate the unique preferences of each individual. Whether it’s lifting the armrests to make it easy to get on or off the scooter, changing the seat distance from the steering wheel, lifting the headrests or adjusting the lumbar support. This customisability ensures that even during longer journeys, comfort is not just maintained but enhanced.

The newest Veleco trio – LOOPER, SHARPY and JUMPY

LOOPER, SHARPY and JUMPY are four-wheeled mobility scooters with swivel captain seats. Their seats can be rotated by 90 degrees, which makes getting on and off the vehicle much easier. What’s more, the captain seats of the latest Veleco 4-wheelers are fully adjustable. They have raised armrests and extendable headrests. What is also special about these vehicles is the unique steering system. Instead of the classic scooter steering wheel, in these models you’ll find an adjustable steering column with comfortable control sticks. They also don’t have the classic accelerator handle, but instead have an accelerator knob.

Riding a mobility scooter in autumn – a way to stay independent all year round

Using an electric mobility scooter is a great way to stay mobile and independent. As it turns out, also when the weather outside the window is not favourable. Thanks to the modern technologies and solutions available in our shop, riding a disability scooter in autumn can be not only safe, but also comfortable. We hope that this article will help you take better care of your vehicle in autumn. Do you feel confident behind the steer whatever the season? You will for sure benefit from our autumn novelty range and find something to suit your needs. Ride safe!

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