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Veleco DRACO – a new twist. Mobility trike with canopy and captain seat as an option.

Recently a lot of novelties appeared on Velobike’s offer. You can find a fresh models that are nowhere else as well as well-known in Velo community models with new extras at our online shop. DRACO is one of them. Bestseller Veleco DRACO mobility trike is now available with special upgrades. Canopy, captain seat or solid tyres? All these can be upgraded to your DRACO! See why it is worth choosing Veleco DRACO with some extras.

Veleco DRACO – mobility trike with walking stick holder

The basic version of Veleco DRACO has become an absolute bestseller on Velo offer. Behind its popularity stand reliable batteries and mobility scooter accessories that are full equipment of the basic version of this model. First and foremost we talk about the walking stick holder and the accelerator button that is an alternative to the classic acceleration throttle.

Build-in walking stick holder – practice usage

A walking stick holder is one of the most popular accessories for mobility scooters. Why is that? It is an excellent choice for those who need extra support while walking around – whether it comes to walking crutches or a walking stick. If you fall into this numerous group of Velo users, you will certainly appreciate the practical function of the walking stick holder. Thanks to this accessory you do not have to worry about how to transport your crutches on the scooter or where to leave them when you go for a ride. You can easily reach your vehicle and place your crutches in a suitable, safe place to transport them. You will always have them at your fingertips when you want to get off the scooter and walk, i.e., to the shop or climb stairs to the office building.

Accelerator button – how does it work?

The accelerator button in DRACO is designed for those who would like to ride mobility scooter but unfortunately due to their problems with their wrists, they cannot use the classic acceleration throttle. All you have to do to move DRACO is gently push the accelerator button with your thumb. Due to your preferences, it can be inserted on the right or the left side of the steering wheel. What is most important, DRACO’s accelerator button works gradually. It means the more power you use to push the button, the faster your vehicle will go. The accelerator button is compatible with the gear switch. Ride forward (D -drive) or backward (R-reverse) goes the same way – firstly you have to put the gear switch in the right position (D or R), then push the accelerator button.

Electromagnetic brake – function and advantages

Veleco DRACO is equipped with an electromagnetic brake. The mechanism consists of automatically decelerating the vehicle when the accelerator button is released. The electromagnetic brake is also responsible for preventing the vehicle from rolling on a hill. It also makes hill starts easier. In the default configuration of Veleco DRACO, this mechanism is activated. You can disable it yourself by changing the position of the brake lever at the rear of the vehicle, on the wheel axle.

DRACO equipment – luggage boot and additional storage space

DRACO mobility trike in its standard version is equipped with a lockable luggage compartment. What’s more, the vehicle has additional storage space for personal belongings, i.e. a storage compartment under the steering wheel or a built-in cup holder for a can of your favourite drink or a cup of coffee. By choosing DRACO in version with a lead-acid battery, you gain even more storage space in the storage compartment under the seat. In the case of the lithium-ion battery version, the scooter’s battery is located right there, making it impossible to store extra things there.

Lead-acid or lithium-ion battery – which to choose?

The traditional lead-acid battery is the most common solution chosen by our customers. One of its biggest advantages is that the battery is hidden under the storage compartment under the seat and does not take up any space, which you can use to store your personal belongings when you are on the road. The lithium-ion battery, on the other hand, is lighter. What’s more, you can easily take it out of the scooter to charge it at home. Both batteries have a voltage of 48 volts and a capacity of 20 Ah.

Veleco DRACO upgrades – additional equipment available at Velobike

You already know what the basic version of the Veleco DRACO three-wheel mobility scooter looks like. And now it’s time to take a look at the extras that can make you feel even more comfortable every time you ride this vehicle. What in particular is worth looking out for?

  • The high back captain seat is an absolute game changer when it comes to comfort on the move. The captain seat is fully adjustable. It has a high backrest, headrest and liftable armrests. You can adjust both the angle of the backrest and the height of the headrest, as well as the distance of the seat from the steering wheel. It’s invaluable lumbar support that you’re sure to appreciate.
  • Roof and windshield – forget about the weather messing your plans up. When you have a DRACO with a canopy, anything is possible. A light rain or a hot day won’t stop you from riding. The roof will protect you and your scooter from harmful weather conditions, i.e. light rain or intensive sunlight.
  • Solid tyres – by swapping classic pneumatic tyres for solid tyres you gain peace of mind. Veleco solid tyres are maintenance-free and resistant to punctures. You don’t have to pump them up or check their tread condition. A mobility scooter with solid tyres will easily drive over nails, broken glass or extremely difficult terrain.

Veleco DRACO mobility trike – the complete three-wheeler in the Velobike range

Whether you choose the basic model or opt for any of the original additions to Veleco DRACO – you won’t be disappointed with the reliability of this vehicle. It is a sturdy mobility scooter with LED lights. Designed for anyone who is looking for support in their daily mobility, especially for people who have wrist problems. Therefore, don’t hesitate! Check out our range today and bet on reliability, which is what DRACO is all about.

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2 thoughts on “Veleco DRACO – a new twist. Mobility trike with canopy and captain seat as an option.

  1. Hi my mum bought one of your scooters with the twist throttle it’s there any way me could keep it at a slow speed

    1. Hello Kirsty, please make sure the scooter’s gear shifter is in the position I, so its maximum speed is 4 mph. When switched to position II, your mum’s scooter will go faster – up to 8 mph.

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