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Fully enclosed electric moped ADVENA is back in Velobike’s range

The fully-enclosed electric moped, ADVENA, is back in Velobike’s range! Not too long ago, the moped that many of you had been asking about returned to Veleco’s official distributor stores. Yes! Veleco ADVENA – a fully enclosed electric moped that looks like a car – is once again available at Velobike. For those who have forgotten about this unique vehicle or haven’t yet discovered it, we’ve put together a brief overview. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about ADVENA. Let’s see what makes it stand out!

A unique design – a moped of our times

First and foremost, one can’t overlook its design. One glance at ADVENA and you’ll notice its futuristic appeal. This three-wheeled moped looks like a compact car. With dimensions of 94.5 x 45.7 x 63.4 inches, you’ll have no trouble parking it in places where a car wouldn’t fit. Being fully enclosed means you can ride the ADVENA in any weather. Rain and blazing sun will no longer stop you from exploring the city or just popping to the shops or visiting friends. An opening sunroof and electric windows further enhance your comfort on warm days. The ADVENA comes in three classic colours – white, black, and red. At the rear, there’s a charging port. The ADVENA is fully road-legal, equipped with mirrors, indicators, headlights, and tail lights.

Let’s look inside Veleco ADVENA

Designed with the idea of carrying a passenger, inside you’ll find two seats – an adjustable driver’s seat (just like in cars) and a comfortable, safe seat for the passenger. What might surprise you is that its steering doesn’t resemble that of a car but rather what you’d find on motorcycles and mobility scooters available in our range. On and around the handlebars, you’ll find all the necessary controls for a safe ride – brake pedal, handbrake, wiper controls, USB port, and dashboard. A modern panel on the dashboard will indicate battery charge level, speed, distance travelled, drive mode (forward or reverse), and even multimedia playback icons.

How to ride Veleco ADVENA?

With ADVENA, you’ll receive an ignition key and remote controls. To start the vehicle, simply insert the key and turn it clockwise. For moving forward, set the drive mode to ‘D’ and gently twist the throttle towards you. To reverse, set the drive mode to ‘R’. While reversing, the dashboard will display the feed from the reverse camera. To decelerate, release the throttle. To brake, use both the pedal and handbrake.

Charging a fully enclosed moped – is it tricky?

Charging Veleco ADVENA is similar to charging a lead-acid mobility scooter. So there is nothing to be afraid of. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines detailed in the user manual to ensure safe charging for both you and the vehicle. But to break it down: first, switch off the vehicle and remove the key. Lift the protective cover from the charging port and plug the charger in. Then plug it into an electrical socket. When you see a green light, charging is complete. You can then disconnect and store the charger. Typically, the process should last 6 to 8 hours. Remember, never interrupt a charging cycle and don’t leave the vehicle charging overnight or for extended periods unchecked – interrupting or overcharging can adversely affect battery life.

ADVENA features – a summary

Lastly, let’s check out the main features and additions of the ADVENA. What’s included with this fully enclosed electric moped and what sets it apart?

  • 1500 W motor
  • 60 W lead-acid battery
  • top speed: 28 mph
  • LED lights
  • alarm with remote control
  • maximum user weight: 500 kg
  • maximum range on a single charge: up to 80 km
  • reverse camera
  • USB port
  • electric windows and sunroof
  • modern dashboard and intuitive multimedia system

Fully enclosed electric moped – the perfect choice

What do you think of this futuristic vehicle from Veleco? Already picturing your rides to work, to the shops, or perhaps touring the lanes of your town you haven’t seen for ages? We believe that, regardless of its intended use, ADVENA is the perfect choice. It’s agile, compact, and above all, eco-friendly.

If you’re still wondering whether to choose a moped or a scooter, be sure to check our previous articles! There, you’ll learn whether you need a licence for an electric moped and the key differences between a moped and a mobility scooter. Enjoy reading and make the best choice!

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3 thoughts on “Fully enclosed electric moped ADVENA is back in Velobike’s range

  1. Hi their please can you tell me where I can do a test drive for 1 of these please and how much are they to buy I am intrested

  2. Tried to purchase one of your scooters, something went wrong with the payment. will try again tomorrow.

    1. Hello James, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or give us a phone call (+44 01234 816404) if there are still any problems. We will be happy to assist you. 🙂

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