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How to look after your mobility scooter in Winter?

Whether you use your mobility scooter in the Winter or store it in the garage during the colder months, there are few rules, every mobility scooter owner should respect. Why, you may ask. Firstly, to make sure it runs fault-free. Secondly, for safety reasons. We’ve put together all important information for you on how to properly look after your mobility scooter in Winter. See what you should keep in mind!

How to winterize a mobility scooter?

Regularly charge your scooter’s battery

We’ve written how important regular charging of mobility scooter batteries is, many times before. We’ve already mentioned it in our article How to care about your mobility scooter in Autumn. Likewise, we would also like to remind you about it now, when the Winter is in its peak! Why? Cold weather combined with a discharged battery may damage it and reduce its life span. That’s why regular charging and keeping your scooter’s battery charged is so important in Winter.

Remember to keep your mobility scooter or moped clean

If you don’t intend to use your scooter in Winter, remember to clean it well after the last use of the season. On the other hand, if you are going to use it in Winter as well, remember to clean it after every trip you took.

Keep it dry!

An undried mobility scooter is prone to rust, especially in Winter, when it’s not at all difficult to get its components wet. Remember to clean and wipe it dry after every time you go for a ride. This rule also applies to those who put their scooter in the garage for the Winter and do not intend to use it in the colder months. It is also worth to mention that you should always (regardless of the season) store your mobility scooter in a dry place, that you shall have easy access to. Furthermore, we recommend storing your mobility scooter under a cover. Rain cover available in our online shop works best for this – rain cover protects your scooter from dust and cold.

Look after the tyres

Before you park your scooter in the garage for the Winter, remember to fully inflate its tyres. If you don’t, the tyres may wear out quickly. Remember to check the pressure regularly during the season and also in Winter, on daily basis.

Can you leave a mobility scooter outside in the Winter?

We’ve mentioned the correct garaging of your mobility scooter many times before. It is important to take care of it, especially in Winter. It should be stored in a covered, enclosed, dry and quite warm place. If you use your mobility scooter in Winter, for example when going shopping, and do not have the possibility to park it under the roof, always have your rain cover with you! Then you will be able to cover your mobility scooter and prevent it from sudden rain or snow.

What to bear in mind if you use your scooter in Winter?

Now you know how to properly look after your mobility scooter in Winter. But you should learn something more. Be aware that roads are slippery in Winter and the cold is more annoying than at other times of the year. When riding your mobility scooter, take care of your vehicle as well as of your safety, health and suitable clothing. Remember that it gets dark quicker, so make sure you have adequate lightning too and that you are properly visible on the road. You may wear a reflective waistcoat or other reflective clothing that is visible at night. And last but not least – remember to have your scooter inspected regularly! You should have it inspected by a specialist every three months. What’s more, if you don’t use your mobility scooter in Winter, we recommend having it inspected before the first use of the season. This will ensure you that it is in good working condition. To arrange an inspection of your scooter, simply contact us. We will take care of the rest!

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4 thoughts on “How to look after your mobility scooter in Winter?

  1. could you tell me what the black switch is for next to the battery switch

    1. Hello Brian, which model do you have?

  2. Hi I wonder if you could advise me I bought my veleco scooter in 20/21 it had been sitting in my daughters garage until December 20/22 as I had been waiting on suitable housing I now have moved and on charging the scooter for 6 hours I can’t get to to work the charger light comes on green is there a safety switch somewhere or something I need to do to reanimate the scooter?

    1. Hi Audrey, thank you for your comment. It seems that your scooter hasn’t been charged for too long. It is recommended to charge mobility scooter regularly – even when not in use. Please contact us by e-mail ( or directly to our manufacturer service department ( We’ll do our best to help and reanimate your vehicle. 😉

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