Veleco ADVENA – enclosed 2-seater electric moped

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ADVENA is a fully enclosed electric scooter but not a medical vehicle, so it is not a mobility scooter. This means that you must have a CBT license – compulsory basic training to drive this vehicle. A driving license is not required if the CBT course has been completed.

Travel in any weather with ADVENA fully enclosed electric moped. This futuristic electric vehicle is available on the grand British market only at Velobike. Manufactured with high quality and full of the newest tech, this awesome three wheeled machine will take you anywhere that you desire.

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ADVENA – Fully enclosed electric moped 


Model ADVENA is designed for two people to travel comfortably

ADVENA, a fully enclosed electric moped comes with many new technologies, catering to all of customer needs. You are prepared for anything during driving. Traveling safely to any destination  has never been so comfortable. With a long range of up to 51 mi (ca. 82 km) and fully adjustable seat for the user, it offers a perfectly comfortable ride for two people. Furthermore, it can be easily moved when its total weight (scooter + passengers) is79 st / 500 kg. With this maximum laden mass the vehicle is able to ascend road slope of 8% (15°).

What are features of ADVENA fully enclosed electric moped?

All the highest quality technologies come in various forms and shapes. Model ADVENA – enclosed electric scooter with 2 seats – outshines all other similar fully enclosed electric vehicles by far. Within the complex heart of the machine, the happy vehicle owners can find:

  • MP3/MP4 player,
  • Powerful 1500W motor with voltage of 60V,
  • Lead-acid 5 cell battery with sized 58Ah,
  • Hydraulic brakes,
  • Comprehensive lights system which include: street lighting, LED lamps, intuitive operation,
  • Alarm and remote control,
  • Full suspension,
  • Hand brake,
  • Reverse camera making it easier to park,
  • Powerful charger which can easily fill up the batteries in just 8 hours,
  • Can be charged from a standard electric socket
  • Electric side window controls.

No driver licence required – just CBT training

This three wheeled scooter falls under the category of mopeds. It means that you don’t need to have a full driving licence and you can ride it if you are at least 16 years of age. Be advised, in the UK you should complete the Compulsory Basic Training or have an AM provisional licence in order to drive ADVENA. In this case, L plates will be required and you mustn’t ride with a passenger on the back seat.  However, if you have a full driving licence this does not concern you. Furthermore, this futuristic electric vehicle is available on the grand British market only at Velobike. Manufactured with high quality and equipped with newest technology, 2 person electric scooter ADVENA will take you and your passenger anywhere that you desire. 

As any vehicle which can travel on the roads, even with speed of 28 mph (ca. 45 km/h), it requires DVLA registration. Since Velobike has a long history of taking best care of customers we always do our best. Once you receive ADVENA, we will show you all the features of the vehicle and how to drive it safely. Want to know all the UK rules related to electric mopeds? Check our specialist answers and other blog articles!

Still here with us and thinking of buying it? We recommend doing so, as there is no better vehicle for you available anywhere.

Please note that delivery of the product can take approximately 4 weeks from the time the order is placed.

Additional information

1500 W
Motor Voltage
60 V
Battery Type
Lead-acid battery
43-49 mi
70-80 km
Front: Hydraulic disc
Rear: Hydraulic disc
Number of wheels
Max Speed
28 mph
45 km/h
Scooter weight
42 st
269 kg
Max user weight
79 st
500 kg
Adjustable Seat
Yes (UK)
94,5 × 45,7 × 63,4 in
240 × 116 × 161 cm
DVLA (EU Road Legal)
Road Slope
Up To 8%
Up to 15°


SKU: ADVENA Category: Tags: ,
  1. kayne

    test driving electric moped please let you know okay

  2. Kirstie Wilkinson

    hey Im still waiting for a outcome of these problems, I know your now saying it takes 6-8hrs &I’ve now.seen you have changed it on the website to over the time saying in the booklet, but I do have the screenshot before it’s been changed it clearly states up to 3hrs, so to be honest its clear your covering yourselves, but to be fair a refund, should be the only answer…also it’s a road legal moped, so why not is it registered why does the buyer have to register the vechicle?

    • Velobike Team

      Hello Kirstie,
      thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. We value your diligence in pointing this out. The oversight was unintentional. As for the registration, we do everything according to the UK law.

      We strive to simplify the registration process for our customers, however, completing the entire process on their behalf is beyond our capability. We are aware that our after-sales department and Veleco service department are dealing with your request so we hope that this matter will be solved soon and as you wish for it to be. All the best!

  3. Kirstie Wilkinson

    well got mine yesterday, 1st off, I feel the registration is abit over whelming if you have never done something like this so I’m hoping a friend can help as I feel it’s a bit of a fiddle to get these guys to help, I had to ring then I had to email &still couldn’t find info, tried driving it last night &was so hard to drive assteamed up, i tried the wiper &it didnt work so maybe a fault already! I’ve done CBT, driven quads but found brakes stiff so braking is abit slow this might change once being used more, also when backing up the alarm to let people know your reversing is extremely loud I’m hoping I can turn this off neighbours are gonna hate me, also it states it charges in 3hrs but it doesn’t it’s actually up to 7hrs charge time (I feel such a false advertisement) wanted something for quick charge as theres other mopeds what do ami is one of them, the moped itself looks amazing,seat is comfortable with loads of passenger room, just not easy to drive maybe that will change once getting used to but I feel nervous taking it out &I can say I’m a confident driver on mopeds/quads, also i do feel im trapped In buying it as i didnt do test drive which was alot of money to do&I couldn’t see if it comes of the bill if you brought it, Im gonna go play more today&check wiper but honestly I might just have to register it then sell it 😕 as I can’t afford to pay another £450 for someone to collect but i will say any more faults i will be expecting a full refund or at least a free pick up, I’m also paying this off with klarna…

    • Velobike Team

      Dear Kirstie,
      we assure you that if you write us an email, we will for sure write you back as soon as possible. It is not our practice to leave our clients without support, especially when they need assistance with a purchased scooter. So please feel free to email us at if you have any questions regarding your new moped.

      If you believe that something is already faulted, please contact Veleco Service Department directly at: Please note that the correct email address is ‘serwis’, not ‘service’, so make sure you type it well. Describe the issues you’ve noticed so their technician will be able to give you the support you need. They may ask you for more info, so please prepare your order number and your postal code to provide them with these. As it comes to the barking, please highlight all the issues that bother you (i.e. the slow braking process) while writing an email to the service department. The reverse riding signal is for your and others safety, so turning it off is not a good idea. Our manufacturer hasn’t designed a button on the scooter that disables this signal.

      The information you mentioned about a 3-hour charging time seems to be a misunderstanding. As per our manufacturers’ user manual ADVENA needs at least 6-8 hours to be fully charged. It is clearly written in the paper instruction you get with your scooter, where you can read: “When the LED turns green, it indicates that the charging is complete. The charging time takes approximately 6-8 hours”. Please follow the instructions included in the user manual to make sure you maintain your scooter well.

      We are grateful for the time you took to give us and others, who are willing to buy a similar scooter, this feedback. It will be very helpful, i.e. for someone who is looking for a quick-charging-moped.

      Kirstie, please remember – if you have any concerns, especially if you believe that your vehicle may be damaged or isn’t working as it is supposed to, email us or Veleco immediately. Once again, the best way to do so is to write at or

      As you’ve mentioned – if you’re not sure if the scooter will meet your expectations, try it first and book a test drive. After a test drive, you can decide whether you keep the scooter. If the scooter meets your needs, the test drive fee will be considered as a part of the total payment, with the remaining balance due accordingly.

      In the end, thank you for the good words. 😊 We’re happy that you find the seat comfy and appreciate the legroom and ADVENAs’ design.
      Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further concerns or queries. We will do our best to find the solution that will satisfy you and make using your new scooter a pleasure, not something challenging.

      All the best,
      Velobike Team

  4. KAYNE


    • Velobike Team

      Hello Kayne, please bear in mind that to make a moped test drive, you have to be entitled to drive electric mopeds and show our representative at least one of the documents: driving licence with category AM or P, full motorcycle licence or CBT course passed confirmation.

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