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Win a free mobility scooter – the Velobike contest on Facebook

The competition we announced on Velobike’s Facebook page was a resounding success! Through it, we gained a deeper understanding of our Veleco scooter users. We discovered which Velo models they prefer and enjoyed reading their inspiring stories.

Are you curious about what they shared? Check out the recap of our Facebook competition where participants had a chance to win the fantastic prize: a free Veleco ZT16 mobility scooter.

About the Contest

Our recent Facebook contest gave participants a chance to win a brand-new Veleco ZT16 mobility scooter. Entrants simply needed to comment with a picture from their last trip on a Veleco mobility scooter and share how the scooter changed their lives. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and today, we’re sharing a glimpse of those heartwarming stories.

Let’s meet the winner of a free mobility scooter!

The winner is Ms. Stella who shared with us her story and the picture from the latest picnic, where she drove with her retro-styled mobility scooter Veleco ZT63.

Velobike Facebook contest - the winner

„I love my scooter to bits last couple of years it’s been a god send even took it to the local bike rally Margate Meltdown, and the Harley Davidson stall gave me a sticker. It’s covered in punk stickers from gigs I’ve been to and it’s been an attraction over the years people taking photos like wanting to sit on it like it’s a photo opportunity attraction, others wanting to know where they can purchase one. Lives got better and couldn’t live without my scooter. And that’s me with my scooter out on a picnic. The scooter gets me out and about because I can’t walk that far, and it’s helping me live a social life. Where I couldn’t walk normally.”

Other participants who took part in the contest

Among the contest photos and comments, there was a great diversity. Customers shared their pictures with us, showcasing various models of Veleco mobility scooters. Each of these individuals was appreciated. We offered every one of them a unique discount code to use in our online store. Curious about which scooters our customers have? Let’s check it out!

ZT15 – one of the most popular 3-wheelers in the market

Veleco ZT15 is equipped with a metal shopping basket and a lockable storage compartment under the seat. Despite having three wheels, it is very stable and capable of navigating uneven, challenging terrains. It has small rear stabilising wheels, adjustable headrests, and a seat that can be moved forwards and backwards. ZT15 is fully adapted for riding both on pavements and on roads.

Veleco ZT15 contest photo

“Me out enjoying the great outdoors as at 47 years old I now have primary progressive multiple sucralose and can hardly walk anywhere anymore unless I use a pair of crutches to get out into the garden to jump onto my ZT15 mobility scooter and leave the crutches against the fence for my return back. I need to order the crutch holder for the scooter lol.”

4-wheeled bestseller – Veleco FASTER

Among the competition entries, of course, there had to be the bestseller – Veleco FASTER. It’s a 4-wheeled vehicle known to mobility scooter users all over Europe. Efficient, durable, and incredibly stable. With additional storage space and a lockable boot. It’s a class-3 mobility scooter, which is the most popular choice among our customers.

Veleco FASTER contest photo

“This FASTER scooter has really changed my life, it is my legs, it gives me freedom as I can barely walk because of sciatic, spinal arthritis etc. It gives me at age 75 a feeling of being alive and still have my adventurous spirit. I need a little scooter now to help me access trains, buses and shops etc. then there will be no stopping me.”

ZT16 – Free mobility scooter – main award in our Facebook contest

It turned out that two participants in the contest already owned Veleco ZT16 vehicles. These are class 2 mobility scooters, designed for use on pavements, pedestrian zones, and inside buildings, i.e. multi-storey shops. Veleco ZT16 is agile and compact. It can be easily folded – remove the seat and fold the handlebar, allowing it to fit in a car boot when heading out of town.

Veleco ZT16 contest photo

“I keep losing mine… My grandson loves it. Would be great to have a second one so I could go out with the family more often and everyone could benefit. I had a 5-wheel scooter that cost 5 times more on contract hire but this one is lighter, portable and much faster. And it helps with the constant pain of atherosclerosis and arthritis/pvd.

This is my scooter, it is kept in my friend’s shop in Kranevo Bulgaria for me going there every year. I bought it outright as it was much more to rent it for 3 weeks. It was bought because I have very bad osteoarthritis in both knees, so find it very painful to walk anywhere.”

Veleco ZT63 retro-style mobility scooter

ZT63 is a mobility scooter with an Italian retro style. It’s reliable and, at the same time, boasts a very elegant and stylish appearance. It’s a mobility scooter that looks like a regular trike. Like all Veleco class-3 mobility scooters, it can be ridden on roads as well as pavements. Besides Stella, another customer proudly shared their ZT63 and wrote:

“I absolutely love my retro Veleco scooter, it gives me the freedom to enjoy life again, and they are also very reliable, so don’t have to worry about breaking down. This is my pride and joy.”

Veleco ZT63 contest photo

Veleco CRISTAL – mobility scooter with full suspension

CRISTAL from Veleco is a mobility scooter equipped with a 1000W motor, effortlessly handling any obstacle. To achieve the perfect balance between price and specification, CRISTAL boasts many features favoured by customers. One of them is the extremely comfortable adjustable seat, highly praised by all users, especially for its movable armrests.

Veleco CRISTAL contest photo

“My Veleco Crystal has made a big difference in my life to get around further from the house with peace of mind. I’m 81 and the smaller one would be ideal to go even further by transporting in a car.”

Consolation prizes for those who don’t own a mobility scooter yet

The awarding of prizes to those who met the competition requirements isn’t over. We also decided to give discount codes for purchases in our online store to those who commented under the competition post, saying that they could really use a Veleco mobility scooter. Hope these consolation prizes make it a bit easier for them. 😊

How to get a free mobility scooter?

Do you want to win a mobility scooter for free? Or perhaps you’d like to get free accessories for mobility scooters? Follow us on social media and keep an eye on updates on our website. We know that our customers, just like us, love competitions, so we’ll definitely organise more in the future. And who knows, maybe this time you’ll be the one to win a free Veleco mobility scooter? Everyone has an equal chance!

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2 thoughts on “Win a free mobility scooter – the Velobike contest on Facebook

  1. I have already ordered a turris mobility scooter with windscreen and roof.
    I suffer from spinal. Arthritis, fibromyalgia. And costrochonditis which is. Inflammation of the cartilage that connects the breastbone to the ribcage and is extremely painful, it. Is often misdiagnosed as a heart attack or severe indigestion. I also. Have a crooked pelvice witch impacts on the sciatic nerve and knees and ankles. It. Makes walking very painful and difficult and has resulted in me heaving a number of falls and other accidents. It has also brought offending and insulting comments from healthy people.
    I am 81 years of age and live in an independent living complex for the elderly

  2. Would love to win a free scooter
    Legs hurt all the time

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