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Mobility scooters for adults – Expert choice

You want to check out the best mobility scooters for adults to buy but don’t know which one to pick? This guide will help you out a lot, because we will highlight all the details that you should definitely consider.

Things like colour, number of wheels and other superficial things are only the edge of what should really be looked at. Through the years, we have sold many vehicles and have learned that it is like picking a pair of shoes. Mobility scooters for adults and children need to be comfortable. After all, no one would like to use a product that doesn’t offer maximum comfort.

What to consider when buying a mobility scooters for adults?

The first thing you should ask yourself isn’t what to buy but for whom. Specifications displayed in the vehicle are often similar, as mobility scooters tend to fall within a certain set of law regulations. There are of course small differences, like maximum carry weight, dimensions, motor power etc. Before considering the scooter, let’s focus on the user.

Weight of the mobility scooter user

One of the most important aspects is to think about the carry load. With users on the heavier side, a more lightweight vehicle with big carry capacity would be the best option. A heavy-duty scooter might look nice, but one should think about managing slopes. Obviously, the bigger combined weight of the scooter and the user, the harder it will be for the engine to deal with those. This is definitely important, as in the United Kingdom, the maximum speed of those vehicles is only 8 mph.

On the contrary, the lightweight users should think about picking a heavier vehicle. While all mobility carriages are medically certified, they aren’t error free. Living in a high area with strong winds might prove to be difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

Mobility scooter tyres

draco-red-wheelAt velobike, we always recommend pneumatic air tyres. They are more reliable and offer greater amortization when riding on uneven roads. There is a single exception to this though. For someone who lives in a bigger town with lots of flat surfaces and loves to frequent bars? Definitely solid tyres, as riding on a broken glass isn’t a good choice for any vehicle.

As mentioned though, it is an exception as we don’t really recommend purchasing solid tyres. While the scooter won’t shake off the user, after a bumpy road on uneven terrain, lots of pleasure from the ride is taken away. In our expert opinion, it is not worth getting them.

Motor power

Sometimes, customers think that more equals better. We couldn’t disagree more with this statement. While certainly a more powerful motor might have easier time dealing with some road situations, it has its drawbacks. One of the main reasons is that a more powerful motor drains the battery charge faster. As such, the range is significantly limited.

The perfect motor for the mobility scooters should always be adequate to the needs of the users. On top of that, if a bigger motor means faster battery charge consumption, it also means bigger costs of more frequent recharging.

Battery type

zt16-batteries-setSpeaking of charging, a type of battery for a mobility scooter will also be important. There is a recent popular trend in picking the lithium-ion batteries. Sure, their main selling point is that they can be removed and charged at home. Is it worth it though? Only if your garage or the shed where you store the vehicle doesn’t have the electric output. Otherwise, this is just an additional cost for a fancy option that would be highly redundant.

Electric mobility scooters for adults – final pick

If you have considered all the above, then you are on the great way to get the best model. The last thing to really look at are the minor differences like favourite colour, number of wheels or storage at the back. Whichever you pick though, it will definitely be a safe and reliable machine that will serve you for years to come.

At the end of the day, you have to remember one thing: All the mobility scooters are invalid carriages. One isn’t really ‘more safe’ than the other. They all come with valid medical certificates and if they didn’t meet very rigorous requirements, they wouldn’t receive one.

If you took time to consider weight, tyres, motor power, dimensions and so on, you are good to go. Pick the one which meets your requirement and has the best looks. We hope that soon you will get one and drive around free, living independently. You deserve that and more. On final note, take time to learn the vehicle. As mentioned, they are just like a pair of new shoes, they might require time to get used to!

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4 thoughts on “Mobility scooters for adults – Expert choice

  1. Hi,
    I am considering buying an electric mobility scooter but it will be stored in my shed so I believe that it will require the lithium battery pack so I can charge it in the home. So I have been looking and comparing specifications and have come down to two choices GreenPower GP500 and the Veleco Draco. Is one better than the other? I suffer with Diabetes and knee problems.

    1. Hello John,
      thank you for your comment and for considering the purchase of Veleco DRACO available in our offer. Unfortunately, we can not tell you more about other brands’ models than they do by themselves – we are entirely separate companies. As Velobike we are specialists in Veleco mobility scooters. We may advise you in choosing the vehicles available in our offer.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us! You may email us anytime: or phone us: (00 44) 01234 816 404. We will be more than happy to talk with you, give you more info about our products and advise you!

      Though we may tell you that Veleco DRACO is definitely worth considering! You’ve mentioned struggling with knee problems. If you are using a walking stick, this model is equipped with a walking stick holder, which you may like a lot!

  2. Hi this will be my first scooter I’m thinking of getting yours it’s not true age so much as I have a foot injury and can no longer walk distance to town

    1. Thank you for replying to our post Simon, and you are definitely right in deciding to buy a mobility scooter, as they can really make your life easier and this has always been our goal at Velobike, to improve the quality of life for our customers.

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