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Can mobility scooter batteries be repaired?

The question if mobility scooters batteries can be repaired has surfaced numerous times. It is one of the most vital questions that often is asked by long-time mobility scooter users. In this short article, we will bring about not only a solution to the issue but also a few tricks to make batteries last longer.

Let’s start with the reason why a battery might deteriorate faster than expected, even though there is a half-year warranty on it, and you know it is still pretty new. In the case of all lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, what matters is continuous usage. Non-used, left discharged for a long time, or constantly plugged into a charger forever. Those are the majority of issues that make the batteries lose their voltage much faster than intended. If it drops, the charger might no longer work on them. Thankfully this might not be the end of the road for those batteries yet.

How to repair batteries for electric scooters?

Let’s focus firstly on lead-acid batteries. First, what should be done is reading the voltage. If for example your battery should be 60V, and it dropped to 50V, it is only logical that a 60V charger won’t be able to charge it up properly any more. This however does not always mean if the battery should be replaced, especially if it is still quite new. To fix such a battery, it would need to be taken out and all cells should be disconnected. A battery usually has four or five of those. Then, each cell should be separately charged with 12V power. Once done, the cells need to be connected again as before and this should up the total voltage back to normal, thus reanimating the battery.

Can mobility scooter batteries be repaired if they are lithium-ion? Certainly yes, however the process is much more difficult, and we advise buying a new one. However, it is possible to attempt revival of them as well. In case the battery no longer charges, and there are no changes in voltage after an attempt to charge has been made, there is one, final solution. A lithium-ion battery would have to be put in an airtight bag and put in the freezer for 24 hours. Be sure to not let any moisture get into it, as this could damage the battery permanently. After that time, take the battery out of the freezer and let it thaw for 8 hours to the room temperature. After that, attempt to fully charge the battery and if it works, your electric scooter is ready to go!

How to extend longevity of mobility scooter batteries?

We hope that the above mentioned solutions can get your mobility scooter batteries repaired. Lastly, we would like to share some tricks and tips to extend the longevity of those.

Trick number 1: Always let the batteries work, at least twice a week. You don’t have to ride the scooter, but simply turning it on for 5 minutes is enough. This allows the battery to be in motion and keep its voltage longer.

Trick number 2: Storage is important. Obviously, moist, wet places are not a good environment to store such items. Low temperature is okay, especially for lithium-ion batteries, but try to get the optimum room temperature if your scooter is stored.

Trick number 3: Don’t overcharge. The battery has its life cycles, usually 600 of them, which should last easily about two years. However, if the scooter is charged, it’s best to not leave the charger plugged in, as it still is working. This might also lower the longevity.

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5 thoughts on “Can mobility scooter batteries be repaired?

  1. very clear and good article easy to understand. Thank you

  2. Compré una scooter de movilidad reducida en enero no la he usado más que un día ahora la voy a utilizar y la batería está muerta que puedo hacer no enciende y le pongo a cargar y no carga

    1. Hola Raúl, esto puede deberse a que no usaste el scooter durante un período de tiempo prolongado. Si tiene uno con batería de plomo-ácido, lo más probable es que el voltaje haya bajado. Incluso el scooter sin usar debe encenderse durante 5 minutos al menos una vez a la semana, para que la batería funcione un poco. En caso de que baje el voltaje, puede hacer lo mismo que en nuestra publicación de blog, cargando cada celda de la batería con 12V

  3. I placed an order last week. And I can’t find my order it says that you send an email with tracking. After almost a week I was told yes the order went through. I was also told I will be given tracking number I’m still waiting. I don’t know what’s going on with this company but trying to get a repair done is hell. And now I can’t even find out when will I receive my order this is ridiculous where can I see my order. And why wasn’t I sent a email of confirmation.and where is my tracking order.

    1. Dear Karen, sorry for the delay on this, as mentioned yesterday by phone, the parcel is being packed and as soon as we have it sent and receive the tracking number, we will provide it to you via email as soon as possible. Please be patient while we take care of it, we definitely remember about this order

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