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Electric Moped – Do you need a licence?

To use an Electric Moped you need a licence, at least a provisional one. However, it is not the only requirement. Starting from the top, it is first worth mentioning the difference between an electric bicycle and an electric moped.

Compared to e-mopeds, electric bicycles can be used by anyone that is over 14 years old or over. Those vehicles must have power of 250 watts or below, and the power must cut off at 15.5 mph. It must also have two pedals for manual propulsion. Compared to that kind of vehicle, electric mopeds usually come with more powerful motors and faster speed. Some of them might have pedals for propulsion, however it is a rare case.

Electric mopeds and scooters are classified as L1e vehicles, meaning only people who are at least 16 years old or more are eligible to use them.

Compulsory Basic Training

One of the requirements to be able to ride an electric moped on the road, apart from the need of a licence, is a CBT. This stands for Compulsory Basic Training, and it must be completed before the users are able to take the vehicle on the road.

Compulsory basic training is not the kind of test one can fail. It only serves the purpose of instructing the user in how to properly use the vehicle without causing harm to himself or others.

If you still wonder about whether do you need a CBT test for your moped, you can read article in our blog, which will go into more details.

What makes electric moped roads legal?

Apart from CBT and a provisional licence needed for electric moped, there are some other important elements which need to be taken care of.


The owner of an electric moped cannot ride legally without having a proper insurance of at least basic level. By having it, you ensure that in case of damaging another vehicle or property, or injuring another road user, there would be some insurance there to cover the costs.


To raid legally on roads in the UK, you need to have a MOT. It is an annual test that needs to be performed each year starting from the third year after purchase to make sure your vehicle isn’t dangerous. It also serves to ensure your electric moped will not become a harmful vehicle in the span of next 12-months.

Safe gear

Compared to electric mobility scooters, in case of electric mopeds you do need to wear a helmet. Of course, we advise using safety gear regardless if it is required by law or not.

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