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Mobility scooter and electric-powered wheelchair – What are the rules?

Are you going to buy an electric-powered wheelchair and want to know the rules that all users shall respect? Wondering what responsibilities the owners of motorized wheelchairs have? And whether their vehicles can be used on roads and pavements as well? Today we are going to look a little bit closer at the regulations of UK mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. In this article, you will also find main differences between Class 3 and Class 2 power wheelchairs. Check our specialist answers and enjoy your reading!

Driving licence, insurance and registration – do you need it while using mobility scooter and electric-powered wheelchair?

You do not need a driving licence to legally drive on pavements or roads by mobility scooter or power wheelchair. You do not need your vehicle insurance as well. But we do recommend insurance of your medical vehicle, for example by using a company that specializes in insuring mobility scooters. Although the insurance does not apply to power wheelchairs users, if you are driving a Class 3 motorized wheelchair on roads, insurance of such device will be reasonable. Why? You won’t incur additional costs in case of any unforeseen road incident with your participation. What’s more, it is your duty, as a user of a mobility scooter, to register such a medical vehicle, which we are happy to assist our customers with.

Mobility scooter and power wheelchairs owner’s duties – summary

Let’s assume the rules:

  • If you own Class 3 mobility scooter or Class 3 power wheelchair you have to register your vehicle.
  • Class 2 mobility scooters and Class 2 power wheelchairs users don’t have to register their medical devices. Insurance of both, Class 2 and Class 3 medical vehicles, is optional, but recommended.
  • You don’t need a driving licence to ride mobility scooters or power wheelchairs.

What’s the difference between Class 2 and Class 3 electric-powered wheelchair?

What is a Class 2 electric-powered wheelchair?

The first thing you should know about Class 2 power wheelchairs is that you can use them indoors and on pavements as well. What’s also important, these vehicles are lighter than Class 3 power wheelchairs. In contrast, you can’t ride them on the roads. to them. In our article How does power wheelchair work you will find more info about Class 2 electric-powered wheelchairs – their features and main advantages.

Class 3 power wheelchairs – characteristics

If you are looking for medical vehicle that you can use on roads, Veleco mobility scooter or Class 3 electric wheelchair will be the best for you. Class 3 power wheelchairs feature:

  • total weight (without user) of 150 kg,
  • maximum width of 0.85 meters,
  • maximum speed of 8 mph,
  • front and rear lights and reflectors,
  • audible horn,
  • rearview mirror.

Rules on streets – Are electric-powered wheelchairs allowed on roads?

As we’ve mentioned before, you can only use Class 3 power wheelchairs on roads. That is why they have to be registered. What is also important – Class 3 power wheelchairs and Class 3 mobility scooters maximum speed on roads is 8mph, while on footpaths, pavements or in pedestrians areas – 4mph. You may ride Class 2 mobility scooters and electric-powered wheelchairs only on pavements and pedestrians areas. Their maximum speed should not exceed 4mph.

Power wheelchairs available at Velobike

In our online shop you will find Class 2 and Class 3 Veleco mobility scooters. What’s more, soon Class 2 electric-powered wheelchairs will be on offer. Visit and check medical vehicles we’ve got for you. We are convinced that among them, you will find medical vehicle suited to your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our specialists who will happily advise you and help you making the right choice.



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  1. I do not have a driving licence so can I still buy a class 3 Electric scooter and use it on the road ?

    1. You do not need a driving license to legally ride class-3 mobility scooter on roads. Here: you can find the requirements you need to meet.
      If you are not sure which model is best for you, please contact our team:

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