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How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA? #infographic

How to register a mobility vehicle with DVLA is one of the most common questions asked by first time owners of the scooters. Doing our best to always explain the procedures, we have decided to offer an ever better solution. With this infographic below, the process will be explained in great detail for everyone.

All of our data was researched thoroughly by reading extensively Department of Transport documentation, as well as other supporting documents by various verified sources.

What does this infographic contain?

Firstly, the infographic will detail the differences between different classes of the mobility vehicles. According to DVLA, there are three of them, but only the third class meets the requirements to be able to be used on public roads.

Of course, if you want to know them to check if you can register a mobility vehicle with a DVLA, we will provide them.

Further down we will go into the process of registration, restrictions and finally, how to deregister and dispose of the mobility scooter, if it is no longer needed. Enjoy our infographic, share or leave feedback, if you’d love to see more of them!


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