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How to care about mobility scooter in autumn?

Your scooter is waiting for you to finally turn it on, but it’s just the beginning of autumn? Do you worry that it won’t be ready for the new season? Do you wonder how to take care of your scooter and still have it ready to drive after the winter? We have some tips for you! In this article, you will find simple tips how to care about your mobility scooter in autumn. Read it and be ready for new season!

Mobility scooter autumn care – useful tips.

Remember to storage it properly.

We bet it won’t surprise you that the proper mobility scooter storage is fundamental to the appropriate care of your equipment. Remember to never leave your scooter outside because the rain and direct sunlight can cause damage to the vehicle. Avoid storing in a damp environment as this can cause problems with electrical components. Your mobility scooter should be stored on a flat, stable surface in a well-ventilated and dry place. The best way to do this is to keep your mobility scooter in a dry garage built up on all sides. Keep the scooter under a cover to prevent dust.

Clean your mobility scooter after every time you use it.

Regular dirt removal from the mobility scooter is something we all should do. Remember to clean the dirt under the rear of the chassis as it can corrode the electrical connectors. And what’s the most important, if you won’t use your scooter for several months – remember to clean it after the last use. What’s more use gentle, commercially available detergents to remove dirt. Don’t use strong cleaning liquids, such as solvents or hard brushes. And never clean your scooter with steam and / or pressure equipment.

Charge and turn on your mobility scooter, even when you are not using it.

It’s important to remember to charge your scooter battery even in the off-season. Just because you’re not using your scooter doesn’t mean its battery isn’t wearing out. If you don’t plug your scooter into charge for a few months, you may find that when the season comes, your battery is due for a replacement. Also remember to regularly turn on the scooter during off season. You don’t have to drive it, only turn it on for a few minutes.

Monitor your scooter’s battery charge.

As you know, monitoring the battery charge of your mobility scooter is one of the most important things. By following the user manual instructions, your battery life span will be prolonged, without a rapid wear off. If the battery will stay plugged overnight, for longer periods of time, its life span will be shortened. A frequent charging, or in a worst case scenario, a new battery may be needed. To prevent this, monitor your scooter’s battery charge and disconnect your equipment from the charger when the battery is full.

Use our support.

And last but not least… remember to have your scooter serviced regularly. Direct all questions to our helpline (+44 01234 816404) or email us. Be assured by doing so of receiving professional support. We are always happy to help you! We are convinced that if you follow our advices, you rarely need our help and you will enjoy your scooter for longer!

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