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Produced by renowned manufacturer Veleco company, ZT15 mobility scooter UK is known for its high quality. Assembled in Great Britain and delivered fully ready-to-drive, it is a perfect solution for everyone who has to deal with mobility problems of any kind.

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ZT15 mobility scooter UK manufactured and made by Veleco

Did you know that our ZT15 mobility scooter UK manufacturer has over 10 years of experience?

Our ZT15 mobility scooter UK that is delivered to you by Velobike is fully assembled and ready to ride. Our delivery time takes us between 3 and 9 working days in UK and 5 and 12 in EU. The delivery service we provide for you comes with demonstration included already in the price of the vehicle.

Three-wheeled electric mobility scooters that we distribute across the world are good for choice if you want a reliable vehicle that is especially user-friendly. These quality mobility scooters will add ease and simplicity to your life. ZT15 is very easy to use and operate, created with mind that you as its main user will be be able to use it even in old age and with limited mobility.

Drive ZT15 mobility scooter UK with DVLA registration

This particular model of electric mobility scooter is legal both on and off-road. Since it is aimed to be the best mobility aid, we take care of all important details, providing full warranty and after warranty service / maintenance.

For people who want to go shopping, ZT15 mobility scooter UK comes with spacious storage both under the seat and separate shopping basket.

Since we realize that many of the users will spend hours while sitting in the scooter, We made sure to provide the highest comfort. The seat is very soft and fully adjustable, as are the armrests. Full suspension and bottle holder makes the driving on uneven road very pleasant while going for a longer journey.

Economy & Safety of the highest degree

ZT15 mobility scooter from UK comes equipped with lead-acid gel battery that allows you to drive up to 37 miles (ca. 60 km) on a single charge. Did you know that driving on an electric scooter You can save up to £2000? This means that 100 miles (ca. 161 km) will cost you only £1!

Economy isn’t the only thing we consider. ZT15 scooter is extra stable and is the most advanced, innovative 3-wheel scooter of our time. It was equipped with:

  • Front and rear suspension, insuring a safe parking and driving experience;
  • Hazard lights and Automatic magnetic motor brake system ensuring a safe ride;
  • High quality parking brake and reverse gear.
  • Comprehensive lighting including turn lights, low beam lights, high beam, brake lights and emergency lights.

ZT15 is also equipped with a pair of very small, inner rear wheels that further increase the comfort when riding up or down steeper hills up to 30% (17°). This offers additional stability for the vehicle and its user.

Lastly, it’s worth to note that the scooter has LED display, speedometer, odometer and speed control system. Interested? Don’t wait, buy and enjoy enhanced mobility for the upcoming years.


Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
4x 20Ah / 48V
Battery Type
30-40 mi
45-60 km
Front: Drum
Rear: Drum
Wheel size
Number of wheels
Max Speed
8 mph UK
25 km/h EU
Scooter weight
14.6 st
93 kg
Max user weight
25 st
160 kg
Adjustable Seat
Yes (UK)
64.9 × 27.1 × 42.5 in
165 × 69 × 108 cm
DVLA (EU Road Legal)
Road Slope
Up To 30%
Up to 17°


SKU: ZT15 Category:
  1. leonard flanagan (verified owner)

    love the ZT15 used it for the first time today and its like a rolls royce compared to the other scooter i had

    • VeloBike

      Really happy to hear this, we are glad you find this quality so great 🙂

  2. Tony R.

    Bought one for my so but now its used by whole family. Very solid and dependable vehicle, simply awesome.

    • VeloBike

      Happy to hear it Tony, we are glad that you enjoy ZT15 to the fullest!

  3. Irene Ponsgird

    Had mine on Monday been on it twice and very happy, the comment s I get how it looks makes you feel good. And also the driver Michael we was Polish was one great person just right for this job. Five stars to him also. Thanks Irene

    • VeloBike

      Thank you for the kind words Irene, we try our best, really glad you love this scooter, if you ever need any help, always contact us 🙂

  4. Frederick Ratcliffe f

    The best iv seen for money MONEY and I’m interested in one my friend got one in black

    • VeloBike

      Very glad to hear it, we hope your friend enjoys his vehicle to the fullest and if we speak about black, then it is definitely either our CRISTAL (3 wheel model) or FASTER (four wheel) as those come in black color

  5. stuart bowman (verified owner)

    What could have been an excellent scooter spoiled because of having poor quality batteries which discharge very quickly therefore the range is not as advertised and had to be replaced at 7 months .Spares are ridiculous price .If this bike had been £250 dearer but had better quality batteries a mechanical park brake and a flashing rear yellow light it would have been well worth the extra and a far better bike than it is .Very comfy but the magnetic brake a bit severe Too big for shops but if you live a couple miles out of town its ideal for the commute. With the amendments suggested i would definitely recommend it as it is take into consideration you will need batteries in 7 months time{£280] from velo and still rubbish but Lucas quality batteries available on line for£140

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