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Veleco TURRIS – new in our offer

The second month of the new 2023 is just about to end, and Veleco has already surprised us several times. Our manufacturer not only informed us about the launch of the absolute HIT that are electric-powered wheelchairs, but also gave some great news about the expansion of the range of their mobility scooters. Meet TURRIS – mobility scooter that is a little brother of our bestseller GRAVIS.

Get ready for Veleco TURRIS – the innovative 3-wheeled mobility scooter

A large group of mobility scooter models in our offer will soon be joined by TURRIS – Veleco 3-wheeled electric mobility scooter. If you are looking for a reliable and secure mobility scooter, TURRIS will be an excellent option for you. This trike was designed to provide its user with comfortable, safe and efficient riding experience, thanks to its 3 wheels and 2 additional small stabilizing wheels. With TURRIS you can enjoy your outdoor trips without any worries.

Costs savings with TURRIS and all Veleco vehicles as well

Veleco TURRIS boasts impressive savinigs, thanks to its lead-acid gel battery. This allows for a single charge to last for up to 35 miles (50 km), saving up to £2000 on fuel costs. In fact, you only need to spend £1 for every 100 miles driven, making it a cost-effective alternative to other transport options.

Safety features of TURRIS mobility scooter

Safety is a TOP priority with TURRIS mobility scooter. With both – front and rear suspension, users can experience a stable and smooth ride. It also includes hazard lights, a parking brake and a reverse gear, ensuring safe and secure operation at all times. The newest mobility scooter model TURRIS also features an easy-to-read dashboard, with a unique black display and bright green and red indicators. The full LED lights make not only the road but also the vehicle itself visible to other road users. It also makes it easy to navigate during nighttime. Comprehensive lighting also including:

– turn signals,

– low beam lights,

– high beam,

– brake lights and

– emergency lights, giving riders full visibility in the dark.

A few words about design and comfort

TURRIS has an extremely comfortable seat with full backrest and movable armrests. With TURRIS you can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, with a sense of security and stability that can’t be beat. It is the most advanced and innovative 3-wheeled mobility scooter of our time. It provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for those looking for the best mobility support. What’s more, with roomy storage, you can take all your stuff with you on your journey. Its storage includes a lockable space under the seat and a separate shopping trunk at the back.

Veleco TURRIS – trike with roof and windscreen

Veleco TURRIS is the only trike available with roof and windscreen. This capacity is the answer for needs of those who were waiting for such an option since our DRACO model was launched. You may go for a ride at any weather conditions. While it drizzles or on a sunny day – enjoying TURRIS with canopy.

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7 thoughts on “Veleco TURRIS – new in our offer

  1. Hello? I have the 3 wheeled Dragon ( Draken) model, it’s great.
    But I have a problem ! the electro magnetic brake keeps slamming on when I riding in fast mode, it’s dangerous !! How do I fix it ?
    Can the electro magnetic brake be disarmed? It’s dangerous and I don’t like it !
    Thanks, Robert James Tel > 0790 499 5613
    ps the scooter is only 6 months old from new,

  2. The controls are poorly defined. (No close ups or arrows on diagrams). The Gravis seems to have a twist throttle and mechanical brakes only. Does it coast when the throttle is closed, requiring the user to manually brake? The Turris has “an acceleration button”. What does that mean, what does it do? There is then a magnetic brake. How does the magnetic brake interact with the acceleration button?

    1. Hello Leslie,
      TURRIS has a big full LED display with high contrast so everything is clear and well visible. Moreover, with every Veleco mobility scooter, our customers get a user manual where all controls are defined in great detail, with close-ups and arrows diagrams. If the user attends to stop the scooter it is necessary to manually brake. It isn’t required when the rider wants to slow down a little bit only. Then all they have to do is gently rise the finger which is used to accelerate with the button you are writing about. The acceleration button in this model is used as a classic throttle – you have to push it to accelerate the scooter. It is a convenience for those who are not able to use the classic throttle e.i. because of the wrist problems. When it comes to the magnetic brake: it prevents the vehicle from skidding down a hill or when going up a hill and coming to a halt in the process. That’s how it is supposed to work and that’s how it works in Veleco TURRIS as well.

  3. Is it possible to increase the range of the 3 wheel scooter

    1. Hello John, the range of our tricycles listed on the website is an average value provided by the manufacturer. Please bear in mind that the range a scooter can achieve is influenced by a number of factors, such as the surface you ride on, the continuity of your ride, the weight of the user, as well as how the battery is charged, how the vehicle is garaged and the general care of the scooter. We cannot change the standards of our products. Therefore, the maximum range of the TURRIS is 31 mi.

  4. is a driving licence needed to ride an electric bike ion the road in the UK ?

    1. All rules regarding the use of an electric bike in the UK are described here:
      When it comes to mobility scooter (Veleco TURRIS is one of them), you do not need a driving licence to ride it, no matter what kind of battery does it have – lithium ion or lead acid. For more info go to:

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