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Safety first – an overview of Veleco safety features

Are you considering purchasing a mobility scooter for a loved one, but find yourself unsure if such a vehicle would be appropriate for them? Before making that all-important decision, you would naturally want to be certain that riding an electric mobility scooter is completely safe, right? Well, you couldn’t have picked a better place to find out! Today, we’re diving deep into Veleco mobility scooters’ safety features, specifically designed to safeguard their users. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Stay secure on every terrain with anti-tipping safety wheels

Present on specific models, anti-tipping safety wheels provide additional stability to the scooter. This is particularly useful during maneuvers on uneven surfaces or while negotiating corners. Veleco understands the importance of stability for mobility scooter users. Hence, these wheels are designed to offer an added layer of safety, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free ride.

Illuminate your path & stay visible – front and rear lights

For any vehicle, proper illumination is a critical safety feature, and Veleco mobility scooters are no exception. These scooters are equipped with both front and rear lights, significantly increasing your visibility to other road users, particularly in low-light conditions or at night.

The role of safety belts

Safety seat belts are an often-overlooked safety feature in mobility scooters. However, at Veleco and Velobike, we understand their importance. That’s why you can equip models FASTER, CRISTAL, ZT15 and DRACO with safety seat belts. They secure the user in the seat, offering additional security and confidence. Furthermore, safety belts are especially useful when driving on steep inclines or uneven terrain.

Captain seat – when comfort meets safety

Ergonomically designed captain seats are the perfect blend of comfort and safety. These seats provide users with a secure and comfortable ride, reducing fatigue and enabling longer-distance travel. By putting users’ comfort first, Veleco enhances the overall safety of their scooters. Captain seat is compatible with FASTER, GRAVIS, TURRIS, DRACO and all models with roof & windshield. Soon on Velobike offer!

Boosting security with adjustable headrests and armrests

Headrests and armrests aren’t just about comfort. They also significantly enhance safety. By providing support and reducing strain, these features help to prevent muscle discomfort and fatigue, especially on longer journeys. You can adjust them to your needs and change their position every time you get on your scooter.

A smooth ride – the importance of full suspension

Veleco enhanced full suspension system ensures that your journeys are as smooth as possible. By effectively absorbing the impact of rough or uneven surfaces, it reduces stress on your body, making your travels more comfortable and safe. You’re probably wondering which models are equipped with a full suspension. The answer is: all Veleco class-3 mobility scooters have a full suspension.

Safeguard your vehicle with a standard alarm system

An alarm system in a mobility scooter might seem like a luxury feature. But it significantly enhances the safety of your scooter when it’s not in use. It acts as a deterrent for potential thieves, keeping your investment safe. All Veleco class-3 mobility scooters are equipped with an alarm, so you get this luxury feature in the basic version of the product. It is great, isn’t it?

Horn and rearview mirrors – your must-haves on the road

A standard feature on all Veleco mobility scooters, the horn, allows you to signal your presence to others. This audible warning device contributes to safer road sharing by alerting other road users and pedestrians of your approach or intentions. Veleco medical devices come equipped with rear-view mirrors. These provide visibility of what’s happening behind you without needing to turn around, making it easier and safer to manoeuvre.

We take braking seriously, and so should you.

The brakes on Veleco mobility scooters are designed to provide efficient and responsive stopping power. This guarantees safe driving and enhances confidence in our users. In some of Veleco models like TURRIS or ZT15, our manufacturer has incorporated a magnetic braking system. This advanced feature ensures additional safety, particularly in emergency-stopping scenarios, giving our users an added layer of security.

Your comprehensive guide – Veleco user manual

With every purchase, Veleco provides a wide user manual. It details all the features, vehicle usage, and provides essential safety information. The manual guides users on what to do to avoid scooter damage or personal injury, ensuring that they can operate and charge the scooter safely.

Your safety is in your hands – respect the road rules on the move

In the end, your safety and the safety of others on the road rely on… you following the rules of the road. Be mindful of your surroundings. Follow the speed limits. And remember that you have to respect the same road rules as others. After all security on mobility scooter is not just about safety features and equipment. But also about the responsible and respectful behaviour of the rider.

We hope that this article has provided you with an in-depth understanding of the various safety features incorporated in Veleco mobility scooters. Your safety is our priority. By combining these features with your responsible behaviour, we all can ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience. Let’s move forward together!

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5 thoughts on “Safety first – an overview of Veleco safety features

  1. Is the front light on the zt15 supposed to stay on when the bike is turned on?

    1. Yes, the front light automatically switches on when you turn on the scooter.

  2. chose a Turris and it has changed my life I now have complete freedom to go shopping ,visit the hospita,doctors. and garden centres.
    my Turris is very power to drive up our hills and the battery lasts for mile and miles.
    Much more distance that I have ever needed.
    The storage is excellent with two locked enclosures and a bag hook for a light bag.
    The lights are extremely bright and brakes are powerful.
    The suspension is good and the seat is large and comfortable.
    Not a single complaint from me.
    The most impressive experience was right from the moment of purchase I watched the progress of my new computer. through the build up to despatch. Delivery was. so slick ,I knew when it was due and was ready with a place to charge and store it. Delivery went through all the workings and safety of the scooter before I had a trial ride explaing how drive up our steep hill.once I had successfully completed this ride a few final tips and he ran through the warranty and purchase agreement leaving me with a copy .
    Waving good by to my driver I had a quick spin on my new smart Grey Turris.
    As is had started to rain again I returned home to plug in my scooter which is on a timer for 3 hours a day just to top up my batteries. If I don’t use it due to illness I switch off the timer.
    Honestly it is my best and most fun purchase since my new caravan.
    potty it’s too big to take on holiday.
    The Turris is similar in size to a Vespa Scooter it is very well made and exceptionally stable.
    You may have guessed I love my Veleco.
    Note I use a cycle helmet when I drive mine. if you need one for a cycle why not a scooter.

  3. Can you send me a catalog please to Sid higham Flat 1 Bailey court westvale Kirkby L325Ab thanks

    1. Hello Sid, you can download our brochure for free. Here is the link: All you have to do is click “download PDF” to have the latest catalog handy. 🙂

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