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New Moped SAGITTA hitting our shelves

If you are in the market for a luxury scooter, then the moped SAGITTA is going to meet all of your expectations. Not only is it a brand-new vehicle, but it also is very stylish. With dual front wheel technology, it offers the just smoothest riding experience. 

The vehicle will be available in three awesome colours, while, red and black, but it’s not just the colour that is impressive. With a Lithium-Ion battery it is very light, because its total mass doesn’t exceed 16.5 stone!

The moped SAGITTA is very fast, as it can easily reach 28 mph. On top of that, the vehicle has special SPORT mode. Turning it on pumps much more juice into the motor, and it accelerates much more quickly than a regular moped.

MLS dual front wheel system

As mentioned, Moped SAGITTA is a vehicle that follows the new trends from the world of electric scooters. The recently fashionable dual front wheel system offers heightened control over braking, turning and other manoeuvres. This results in much more safety to the driver, more responsibility and reign over the speeding vehicle.

What are notable features of SAGITTA? Not only does it have a 2000W 72 motor, which can tackle any hill, it also has great climbing ability. This results in a very long range and lots of fun when you manage to overcome hills that regular scooters would have trouble with.

Why should you consider moped SAGITTA?

Simple answer really. Since Veleco is our all-time favourite manufacturer, their vehicles have always proved to be both good price and very reliable. We have tested this vehicle, before putting it on sale and can attest that it follows the high and rigorous standard of quality the manufacturer closely guards.

Moped SAGITTA is great for personal purchase or to make a gift off. The selling point is that it can carry two people at the same time since it has additional footrest pegs. An alarm system and a remote are additional bonuses. No wonder the manufacturer has added them as everyone would want to have such a vehicle. 

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