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9 reasons why Velobike is the best distributor of mobility scooters

Are you looking for your first mobility scooter which you could use for years? Or perhaps you are wondering about the new one, but you want to be sure that it comes from a trusted manufacturer? We know how important (and sometimes hard) choice of the right distributor could be. On the other hand, we are aware of our products and service quality. So for us, choosing the best distributor of electric mobility scooters is obvious. We want to make it easy for you too! See our strengths and what distinguishes us from the competition. Choose wisely!

1. You don’t have to pay us to be our VIP

At Velobike you are the VIP at the beginning. Form the first day, by purchasing our mobility scooter, you can be assured of the highest level of care that you’ll receive. Best of all, it’s free. In the next 12 months you don’t have to pay additional money to have the VIP’s privileges, for example, unlimited free call-outs under warranty repair.

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How does the mobility scooter total price looks like at Velobike and other companies?

Everything we offer you in our free warranty, our competitors call ‘VIP warranty’, which costs 149 GBP with them. See how this affects the total cost of your mobility scooter.

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2. You don’t have to be the fastest. Just ride a FASTER

One of our main priorities is your safety. You know it doesn’t mean a thing if you go at a higher speed than others when it comes with your safety, don’t you? Veleco’s mobility scooters are legal. It is impossible to go faster than 8 mph on the road and 4 mph on the pavement. So you don’t have to worry about your road safety and possibility of braking the law.

3. Savings on the Extended 3-Year Warranty

If you choose to buy a mobility scooter at Velobike and decide to purchase extended warranty, you will save even more money. Veleco, our manufacturer, offers the Extended 3-Year Warranty, which gives you protection for the period of 36 months. There are many privileges associated with the Extended 3-Year Warranty. For example, a flat rate of 59 GBP for any an additional inspection is applied. For more info about the Extended 3-Year Warranty go to our website.

4. The best distributor of electric mobility scooters has no excuses

Other distributors and manufacturers may have hundreds excuses not to fix your scooter if necessary. We would rather see hundreds of miles on your milometer. We are here for you. Our team will always find the best solution for your problem.

5. The best distributor of electric mobility scooters doesn’t lie

And neither do we. Our clients are in touch with us. They call us or write emails and we always respond or call back in a timely manner. As our client you will be well-informed about your order status. What’s more you can track it by your own. You will receive a tracking link from us to check the progress of your order anytime.

6. We will be there for you at every step of your order

You don’t have to leave your house to order your mobility scooter from us. You don’t have to drive anywhere to pick it up too. All you have to do is to write, call, or just visit our online shop. We will come to you, unpack your mobility scooter and also show you how to use it.

7. We are professionals

Our drivers know Veleco’s products very well. They not only deliver mobility scooters to your door, but also show you how to use it. They give useful tips and answer all questions. Term ‘I don’t know’ doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. That’s why the moment of the delivery of your mobility scooter is foremost the best opportunity to ask some questions (especially if you buy mobility scooter for the first time). Moreover we suppose we don’t have to say that our drivers are very friendly and helpful!

8. The best distributor of mobility scooters offers a free brochure

You can easily download free brochure with all Veleco mobility scooters that we offer directly from our website. To do so, you don’t have to fill in any tables. We don’t need your date of birth or e-mail address. One click is all it takes to have Veleco’s brochure handy.

9. The reviews speak for themselves – Trust our pilots

And last but not least – online reviews. If you go on the most popular websites with the reviews, you will see Velobike and our competitors. It won’t take you long to realize which mobility scooters are best. Why? It is clear to see that Velobike customers are much pleased than Velobike’s competitor’s customers. And is there anything more convincing than mobility scooters’ owners reviews? It’s simple, judge for yourself!

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