Mobility scooter walker holder – SHARPY, LOOPER and JUMPY upgrade

£ 39.0

Walker holder, compatible with JUMPY, SHARPY, and LOOPER mobility scooters, is an ideal solution for those who rely on both a scooter and a walker for mobility. This strong metal holder attaches easily to the scooter frame, offering a secure spot to store your walker during rides.

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Walker holder for Veleco JUMPY, SHARPY and LOOPER mobility scooters is the perfect accessory for individuals who use walkers. Made from strong metal, this holder attaches easily to the scooter’s frame, providing a secure and convenient place to store your walker while riding.

Safe way to transport your walker and have it always handy

Its robust design ensures stability and reliability, making it an essential accessory for those who rely on both a scooter and a walker for mobility. From now you can store your walker in a safe space while every journey.

From now no destination is out of reach!

Veleco walker holder is a game-changer for those who juggle between a scooter and a walker. This accessory is more than just a tool; it’s a bridge to greater independence and freedom. The sturdy metal construction not only offers longevity but also peace of mind, knowing your walker is safely stowed yet readily accessible.

A perfect match for your lifestyle

Its ease of attachment and secure fit mean you can quickly adapt your scooter for various needs without any hassle. Whether it’s a quick trip to the market, a visit to friends, or a leisurely ride in the park, this holder adjusts to your life’s rhythm, making every outing a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

Walker holder for mobility scooter – key features

  • Durable metal construction.
  • Easy attachment to the scooter frame.
  • Secure storage solution.
  • Provides a practical and safe way to transport your walker.
  • Essential for users who need both a mobility scooter and a walker.
  • Compatible with Veleco LOOPER, SHARPY and JUMPY mobility scooters.

Embrace the convenience and security offered by the walker holder for mobility scooter, ensuring your walker is always with you, without compromising mobility.

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