Mobility scooter walking crutches holder – LOOPER, SHARPY and JUMPY upgrade

£ 39.0

Mobility scooter walking crutches holder, suitable for Veleco LOOPER, SHARPY, and JUMPY models, offers a robust and adaptable way to carry walking aids. This metal holder, conveniently attached to the back of the scooter seat, securely accommodates crutches, walking sticks, or even an umbrella, providing indispensable support for those who need it. Enhance your scooter’s functionality with this durable holder, ensuring easy access to your essential walking aids while on the go.

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Veleco mobility scooter walking crutches holder is a versatile and sturdy solution for carrying walking aids. Easily mounted on the back of the scooter seat, this metal holder is capable of securely storing crutches, walking sticks, or even an umbrella. It’s an invaluable accessory for those who need additional support alongside their scooter.

How to carry walking crutches when riding a mobility scooter?

Veleco mobility scooter walking crutches holder is an excellent solution for carrying essential walking aids. Whether you rely on crutches, walking sticks, or even wish to have an umbrella handy for unexpected weather changes, this holder offers a reliable storage space. Its secure attachment at the back of the scooter seat ensures that your walking aids are within arm’s reach whenever you need them, allowing you to maintain your independence and mobility with ease.

Compatible with the newest Veleco 4-wheeled mobility scooters

Waking stick holder for mobility scooters by Veleco boasts an impressive set of key features. Crafted from solid metal, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its strategic placement at the back of the seat makes it easy to access and keeps your walking aids or umbrella securely in place. This holder is compatible, adding value to a range of this Veleco newest trio. Whether you own a 4-wheeled mobility scooter JUMPY, SHARPY, or LOOPER.

By investing in this mobility scooter accessory, you not only enhance the functionality of your scooter. You also gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your essential aids are readily available whenever you need them, empowering you to maintain your lifestyle with confidence.

Umbrella and walking crutches holder for mobility scooter – key features

  • Solid metal build for durability.
  • Conveniently located at the back of the seat.
  • Suitable for holding crutches, walking sticks, or umbrellas.
  • Compatible with 4-wheeled Veleco JUMPY, SHARPY and LOOPER.

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