Batteries Set 60V (for models FASTER, CRISTAL, GRAVIS and ZT63)

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A highly resistant set of 5 Lead-Acid AGM batteries for models: FASTER, CRISTAL, GRAVIS and ZT63. This set consists of five 20 Ah cells, highly resistant which can withstand approximately 600 charge cycles with proper usage. At Velobike, we provide 6 months warranty for each battery that was purchased. Proper usage of the battery means that it should be in use at least two times a week, even if  the scooter itself isn’t used. To have it in use, simply turn the ignition key in the scooter for five minutes, to have the battery work for some time.

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  1. F, Fox

    I love my Velo ZT 63 euro model.
    I can actually exercise my dog properly at speed.
    She can still out run the scooter at 25kph but with her harnes she pulls me along.
    The only complaint about it is the information screen went in no time.
    Its just a rainbow of colors and has been this way from weeks of buying.
    But bar this and not able to use as a two seater as advertised.
    Its the best scooter i have ever owned and by far the best priced as well.
    I recommend these to everyone i see on a scooter and let them try mine before buying.
    Near all my friends own one now.
    We are all happy, so you cannot get a better recommendation than that.
    My scooter is approx. 26mts old and bar dash all it has needed is a battery set that i am about to order.

  2. williamfernott

    the bike is very good for everyday for when i go out for walks with my dog’s

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