About Us

Mobility scooters – best of the best for our customers

At Velobike, we often have to answer which of our mobility scooters are the best? The simple answer would be that every single one of them. The long answer however is much more complex. Velobike team does everything in its might to provide a machine which would met all the wishes of even the most demanding customers, taking into account every single individual need.

About us – what can Velobike do for you?

For many years, Velobike has specialized in distribution of mobility scooters – best of their kind. As an distributor, Velobike strives to meet the highest standard of customer service. We provide a large electric vehicle game and help in hiring a vehicle ideal for your needs.

Prizing ourselves in the highest quality, we can confidently guarantee a completely secure and successful visit in our online shop, as well as full technical support for all of our customers.

Our working cadre consisting of skilled office workers, technicians and drivers is fully trained, easily providing the best possible technical assistance. We encourage you to visit our FAQ page, where we provide answers to most common questions.

Why mobility scooters are good?

If one ponders buying an mobility scooter best way to do so is to consider all of their numerous advantages. First of all they are very fast, which is a good way to travel from one place to another. This offers a convenient and comfortable way to save up lots of time. The second best quality of mobility scooters is their low and affordable price. People wondering about their safety, can rest easily, as all of the scooters are certified and tested in that regard.

None of scooters provided by Velobike use chemical substances, but are rather powered with electricity alone. This makes them fully eco-friendly. Interested? Don’t be shy, contact us so we can offer our professional advice!