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Veleco FASTER 4-wheeled mobility scooter – Velobike bestseller. A fully equipped mobility scooter for daily usage.

Those familiar with the Veleco brand will certainly know 4-wheeled mobility scooter FASTER. It’s our best-selling disability scooter, consistently chosen by Velo customers for many years. What makes it so special? Why is it one of the most popular mobility scooters on the market? And what variants are available? It’s about time to find out!

4-wheeled mobility scooter Veleco FASTER – a quick overview

In today’s product series article on our blog, we’ll take a closer look at one of Veleco’s most popular models – FASTER. This four-wheeled electric mobility scooter is perfect for the elderly and those with mobility issues. It’s ideal for everyday use and occasional trips out of town. Thanks to its full suspension and powerful motor, it performs well even on challenging terrain. This scooter will appeal to both experienced riders and beginners.

The key features and technical information

Veleco FASTER is a class-3 mobility scooter. This means you don’t need a driving license to legally ride on roads, pavements, pedestrian areas, and even in large surface stores. The vehicle is fully equipped and roadworthy, featuring low/high and position lights, indicators, a parking brake, a horn, and a clear display showing all the active functions, including speed, total mileage, and battery charge level. It also has a modern ignition with a remote start and a steering lock to prevent theft.

Available versions of Veleco FASTER – for your convenience of free choice

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from several versions of Veleco FASTER:

All versions of Veleco FASTER are available with either a lead-acid or removable lithium-ion battery.

Accessories for Veleco FASTER you should know about

Although Veleco FASTER is a complete electric mobility scooter for the elderly and disabled, it’s worth noting that in our online store, you’ll find a wide range of mobility scooter accessories, making your ride even more satisfying; safer and more enjoyable. If you want to upgrade your Veleco FASTER mobility scooter, here are some accessories you should know about:

  • solid tyres – puncture-proof and maintenance-free tyres for mobility scooters,
  • phone holder – a holder for carrying your phone in a safe place while riding,
  • walking stick holder – perfect for those who use a walking stick or walking crutches and need them always at hand,
  • seat belts – for enhanced safety during the ride,
  • rain cover – to cover the vehicle when not in use; protects the scooter from moisture, dust, harmful UV rays, and other contaminants.

What do others say about Veleco FASTER?

Veleco FASTER is not only a very popular model on the market but also has many positive reviews from our customers. Just take a look at the reviews section to see for yourself. But that’s not all. Not only do people who use this vehicle every day praise its efficiency, design, and performance. Many online rankings feature Veleco FASTER in top positions. For example, FASTER was recognized by the authors of the blog in The Best Mobility Scooter for Steep Hills UK Ranking, where it took the proud first place. It was highlighted i.e. for its powerful motor (1000W) and maximum climbing slope of 17˚.

Veleco FASTER – a 4-wheeled mobility scooter tailored to your needs

Now you know the key features of one of the best four-wheeled electric mobility scooters on the market. You understand what sets Veleco FASTER apart, what accessories are compatible with it, and in what conditions it excels.

Or would you like to learn more about this best-selling model? If so, simply go to the Veleco’s YouTube channel, where you will find a comprehensive guide through Veleco FASTER presented in a very accessible way. Also, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments what you think about this mobility scooter or contact us directly at to get more specific information.

We’re more than happy to answer all your questions and advise you on choosing a mobility scooter tailored to your needs.

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