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Christmas gifts for mobility scooter users – our ideas

This time of season is finally here again! The time of the year when we scour the stores and online shops to find that one and only, wonderful and delightful Christmas gift for a loved one. And just when it seems like it couldn’t get any easier, it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth.

Buying Christmas gifts for mobility scooter users is also quite a challenge. Today we come to the rescue! As experts in the field of shopping spree, we will advise you on what will perfectly work as a gift this Christmas for an electric mobility scooter user. Show your loved ones that you know them well and surprise them with an unusual but useful gift!

What will be the best Christmas gift for the mobility scooter user?

Making the memorable and useful gift can make one’s head spin. Because how do you suppose to pick the one gift for your loved one to be happy with, while there are so many Christmas promotions and outstanding products? We have a hint for you – follow your friends’ hobbies. Look for inspiration in what kind of life they lead and what are they most likely to do in their spare time. If you have a mobility scooter user on your Christmas list, we know what will make them happy. Check out our Christmas gift suggestions and choose the perfect one!

Christmas gifts for mobility scooter users – ideas

Walking stick holder

This is a gift proposition for fans of customizing electric mobility scooters. If your loved one is a user of Veleco mobility scooter such as: FASTER, CRISTAL, ZT15 or DRACO, you can give them a useful accessory. With the walking stick holder, they will be able to move freely between house and the scooter. Moreover, while riding, the walking stick will be in special and safe place.

Waterproof phone holder for mobility scooter

The handy waterproof phone holder will catch the eye of technological innovations fans. It is extremely easy to install and protects the phone well during the ride, from moisture and dust. Thanks to the phone holder, you will always be in touch with your loved one. From now on, you don’t have to worry about them forgetting to bring their phone along for the ride. Placed in a visible and safe place, the phone holder will always remind them of it.

Mobility scooter rain cover

Mobility scooter rain cover is a very universal gift for any mobility scooter user. Although, as you know, storing the mobility scooter outdoors is not recommended, there are often times when a cover would come in very handy. When? For example, when the mobility scooter rider parks the scooter in front of the shop during hot or rainy days. Waterproof rain cover is a perfect protection from UV radiation, dirt, snow, wind or dust. It is easy to clean and suitable for use with almost any model of Veleco mobility scooters.

An absolute HIT for the end of 2022 – Veleco Extended 3-Year Warranty

Could there be anything better to gift your loved ones at Christmas than peace of mind? We think not, either! That’s why our list of Christmas gift propositions for mobility scooter users couldn’t be complete without an extended warranty for Veleco mobility scooters. Give your loved ones the peace of mind of using their mobility scooter for three years. And get the confidence that they will be looked after by our manufacturer during this time. To find out more about the Extended 3-Year Warranty, visit our website. If you decide to purchase an extended warranty as a gift, please bear in mind that you must name the user of Veleco mobility scooter as the owner of the Warranty Certificate. Only then, the user will be entitled to the extended warranty terms and conditions.

New mobility scooter for Christmas? Why not!

And last but not least… If you know someone who would be happy with a new scooter as a Christmas gift, you know where to find us! Email us and get an expert advice on the mobility scooter models that we offer. With your knowledge of your loved one and ours on electric mobility scooters, we will definitely choose the right model to suit all their needs.

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