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If you gotta go fast then ZT25 moped 50cc electric scooter is what you need! With this moped you will be able to move between those far away places very fast. By getting to where you want quicker, you will be able to save up lots of time and enjoy yourself for longer.

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ZT25 moped 50cc electric scooter – just ride

If you like to go fast and feel the wind in your hair, have you considered ZT25 moped 50cc?

Our electric ZT25 moped 50cc scooter is a machine perfect if you want to move about quick. Travel with perfect speed of 27 mph (ca. 43 km/h) allowed by powerful 1200W Bosch motor. The vehicle is perfect for daily use, if you are a person of any age above 16 years, as long as you finish the CBT course in UK or have at least AM category licence you can use it on roads. The colours of this vehicle manufactured by Velobike are luxurious black, sky blue or pristine white. Interested in one of the fastest scooters at our disposal?

As in all of our other models, a highly efficient electric hub and an anti-shock device are used to enhance the experience while riding. ZT25 moped 50cc scooter comes with a digital voltage controller and a brake system with automatic power disconnection. It is equipped with comprehensive lighting: stop light, front and rear turn signals, low beam, high beam.

Unmatched speed and safety of ZT25 — moped 50cc scooter

Since it is our fastest moped 50cc scooter, we took special care in ensuring the highest level of safety. Because of that the scooter has drum and hydraulic disc brakes installed. It can easily carry weight of 23.6 st (150 kg) while riding up a slope of 30% (17°). The suspension system makes sure that driving on uneven terrain is especially safe for both the driver and the vehicle itself.

The rearview mirrors were positioned in such a way, that the scooter makes it easy to see the road behind. Naturally they can be adjusted to driver preferences.

Book with a test drive first and improve it!

You don’t have to buy it blindly. That’s right, when buying a moped scooter from us, you can do so by booking a test drive first. This way on delivery one of Velobike’s experienced workers will provide live demonstration and you will be able to test it first. 

Since we know that most of our clients are people without drivers licence, we make double sure they fully understand how to use the vehicle to its full capacity. This is why we offer extensive Q&A with all of our customers, encouraging them to ask anything of our drivers.

Lastly, all of Velobike ZT25 electric moped 50cc scooters can be further enhanced with various accessories. In our offer we have rain covers, bottle holders and many others. This makes them highly customizable for any situation.


Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
 20Ah / 60V
Battery Type
30-40 mi
50-60 km
Front: Hydraulic Disc
Rear: Drum
Wheel size
Number of wheels
Max Speed
27 mph UK
45 km/h EU
Scooter weight
13.5 st
86 kg
Max user weight
23.6 st
150 kg
Adjustable Seat
Yes (UK)
67 × 17 × 41 in
170 × 43 × 104 cm
DVLA (EU Road Legal)
Road Slope
Up to 30%
Up to 17°


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