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Speed through the pavement with trike mobility scooter ZT16. With just a gentle twist of your grip, you can ride around your area, visit favourite shops and those far away parks that you long for. Save your time by driving securely on ZT16 for all of your daily mobility needs.

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ZT16 trike mobility scooter — rule the pavement

Did you know we deliver ZT16 trike mobility scooter fully pre-assembled?

Very fast way to move around, ZT16 trike mobility scooter speeds through pavement and bike roads without any trouble. With powerful motor of 750W, this lightweight vehicle easily deals with step road slope up to 17° | 30% angle.

The best trike mobility scooter for seniors

With just a gentle twist of the grip that does not require any strength, the trike mobility scooter manufactured by Veleco will accelerate forward. Easy to use, with limited controls and easily accessed drum and disc brakes, it is no more complicated than riding a bike.

Over 10 years of manufacturing experience has been used by Veleco to create the perfect vehicle which would suit the needs of every senior. To make double sure they understand fully how to use it, all of our deliveries of ZT16 come with free presentation included in the price.

Your shopping can be easier

At Velobike, we take into account the purpose that our trike mobility scooter would be used for. The newfound ability to easily traverse the outdoors opens new possibilities. The foremost thing to do is visiting shops, parks and so on. This is why our ZT16 model comes already equipped with basket on the back, which can carry groceries, bottle of water or other useful things.

To make the trike more comfortable, it was equipped with adjustable seat with backrest. On top of that, the scooter also comes with LED lights, both the low beam lights and brake lights to make it even safer to use once the sun sets down.

Interested? Then don’t wait. Buy it while it’s still in our stock and in just 3 to 9 working days, enjoy your newfound mobility. The price of freedom is never too high!

Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
4x 12Ah / 48V
Battery Type
15-19 mi
25-30 km
Front: Drum
Rear: Manual disc
Wheel size
Front: 16-2.5"
Rear: 12.5-2.25"
Number of wheels
Max Speed
8 mph UK
25 km/h EU
Front & Brake LED
Scooter weight
8 st
53 kg
Max user weight
19 st
120 kg
Adjustable Seat
Yes (UK)
51.2 × 26.8 × 41.7 in
130 × 68 × 106 cm
Road Slope
Up to 17°
Up To 30%
Right-hand twistgrip


SKU: ZT16 Category:

1 review for ZT16

  1. Elaine taylor

    Purchase one of these a few months ago and got a flat tyre I really don’t know who you expect old people to change a tyre at the cost of a full tyre £70 a expense you don’t need

    • VeloBike

      Really sad to hear this has happened to you Elaine, unfortunately while Air tyres offer more comfort and better amortization than solid ones, there can be rare occurance of them losing air like this.

      Unfortunately tyres aren’t a subject of warranty, but we always reach out to our customers. In case of tyres, any nearby workshop can help with them, as our models use standard wheel size and tyre size for mobility scooters. If you require assistance to arrive to your home, a service visit also can be booked from us, simply contact us via office@velobike.co.uk and we will do everything we can to help you out.

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