ITANGO 3 Wheel Full Suspension Electric Moped

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With ITANGO HO moped electric scooter, managing your vehicle couldn’t be easier. The double front wheel technology offers much more stability than any regular scooter. On top of that it comes equipped with Lithium-Ion battery which can be taken out to charge at home.

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ITANGO HO moped electric scooter — be unique

Did you know ITANGO HO moped electric scooter has a special kind of battery which you can take out?

If you plan long distance travels on a moped electric scooter, ITANGO HO is perfect choice that will fit right in with your wishes. Not only it is highly dependable, but also fast, with maximum speed of 28 mph (ca. 45 km/h). Because of its easily removable Lithium-Ion battery, you can always charge it at your home, gas station or any other place with access to electricity. It is also possible to carry spare, fully charged one to exchange it when you run out of power.

Powerful moped electric scooter — ITANGO HO

This very special moped, manufactured by Doohan Technology is characterized by its heavy weight of 23.6 st | 150 kg. Due to that, it sticks to the ground, making it very secure and hard to fall off from. The full suspension and three hydraulic disc brakes, alarm and remote make it one of the safest models to use.

At the heart of moped ITANGO HO is 1200W BOSCH motor which is powerful enough to allow the scooter to ascend the road slope up to 40% (22°) and all of it with just a twist of the grip.

A special feature, which should be additionally highlighted consists of Lithium-Ion battery. Not only can it hold charge for many hours, it can also be easily removed. Due to its weight being just 10.4 kg, it can be easily carried around by both men and women. 

Double front wheel technology

With Doohan’s upgraded DDWT-S system technology, ITANGO HO moped scooter offers heightened stability, which is great for all beginners who lack driving experience. The sleek shape of the scooter make it both elegant and reliable.

From user feedback, we know that this choice is especially enjoyed by our female customers, however usage of the scooter  isn’t restricted to them.

The brand-new suspension system keeps all the users safe, especially since it is equipped with roll-lock system. Thanks to all of those technologies, the flexibility and reaction time are increased. Moped ITANGO is always offers top freedom and safety when driving under different road conditions.

Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
26Ah / 48V
Battery Type
31-44 mi
50-70 km
Hydraulic disc brakes
Wheel size
Front: 70/90R12
Rear: 90/70R12
Number of wheels
Max Speed
27 mph UK
45 km/h EU
Scooter weight
23.6 st
150 kg
Max user weight
24.3 st
154 kg
Adjustable Seat
Yes (UK)
64 x 25 x 43 in
165x 65 x 111 cm
DVLA (EU Road Legal)
Road Slope
Up to 40%
Up to 22°


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