Battery Charger for mobility scooter FASTER & ZT63

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A 60V battery charger for model FASTER and model ZT63. This charger comes with a plug dedicated to the country it is sent to. On rare times when we are out of stock, we might send out a charger along with a plug adapter, so it can work as intended. If you wish to receive a charger with a specific plug, when ordering, please put in a note. A properly working mobility scooter, when plugged in the electrical output (while on last battery reserves) should be charged for at least 8h. If the scooter is charged to 100% below 7h, it might point to issue with the battery. The charger has two colour diodes. If the diode is in red, it means the scooter is being charged. A green light means the scooter is fully charged.

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