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Electric Mobility Scooter ZT-15A (Red)

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(4 customer reviews)

Our three-wheeled electric Mobility scooters are good for those who want a reliable vehicle, easy to use. These quality mobility scooters will add ease and simplicity to your life! ZT-15 generally is easy to use and operate, scooter is ideal for the elderly or people with limited mobility.

ZT-15 is equipped a pair of additional rear wheels that further increase the opportunity to go safe into more steeper hills.

Motor in scooter is transmitted via differential similar principles as in the car.

ZT-15 Trilux is a high-performace electric scooter capacity up to 160kg user. Powered by a rear 500 watt motor it can reach speed up 16 mph 25km/h when unlocked or 8 mph 12 km/h when locked.

Each scooter can be ” 8mph speed-locked” (up to 8 mph = 12 km/h) unless otherwise instructed. Please contact us for more information.

Scooter is equipped with three gear switch.
1st gear – 4 mph
2nd gear- 8mph
3rd – 16 mph ( or 8 mph when locked )


Additional information


500 W

The rated motor voltage




Max. speed EUROPE

25km/h or 12 km/h

Max. speed UK

8 mph or 16 mph

Max. range

60 km / 37 miles


160 kg / 25 st


165 × 69 × 108 cm

Dimensions (IN)

64.9 × 27.1 × 42.5 in

Brake front/rear


Wheel size



4x 20 Ah/12 V

Battery type

Lead-acid gel

Charging time

4-8 h

Scooter Weight

93 kg / 14.6 st

4 reviews for Electric Mobility Scooter ZT-15A (Red)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Perfect, beautiful and comfortable!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Lord ChristopI’ve been using a regular well known 4mph scooter for about a year, it’s fine but boringly slow and a bumpy ride. I took delivery of this big red beauty 24 hours ago and just been out for my first trip. Even the moderate speed of 8mph seemed like riding a souped up motorbike compared to my old one. The acceleration was fantastic the feeling of riding a powerful mode of transport, higher as it has larger wheels, easier to manoeuvre due to only one front wheel. The comfort is superb on a leather armchair seat. It’s wider and higher than my conventional scooter and I feel less vulnerable. It not only has proper handlebars and throttle accelerator but a proper motor Horn with a control on both sides of the bars. I own a Honda motor scooter and the controls are almost identical so I feel at home with this. The headlight has dipped and high beam, plus a small parking light. Brake lights and bright indicators make it a superb roadworthy vehicle and the specification says to expect 37 miles per charge but of course this depends on how many hills you climb, his much you stop and start and if you ride at full throttle all the time. It also depends how heavy the rider is, I’m a “perfect weight” related to height, some may say “thin” but that’s because so many folks are I anticipate no problems. My old scooter had less power and I never ran out of battery power so this one should be fine. I was impressed by the “personal delivery” by the owner of the company…a very helpful and likeable man who had miles more to travel to drop his next order, as his main delivery driver was off duty. This man showed that he intended to get the goods to customers so I can vouch for that. Now for a couple of niggles, I didn’t actually get an owner’s manual, a few sheets of data were attached to the Registration documents to send to DVLA. I need to know what pressure to keep in tyres plus minor stuff. Also my headlight when on full beam is pointing at aircraft, he did make small adjustment prior to leaving me but I could see he had little time due to his schedule. The charger had a two pin continental plug but I have an adaptor. I’ll contact the proprietor and confident he’ll provide some instruction data and advice on adjusting the headlight, they are only minor niggles. This is an eye catching mobility vehicle for pavements or road and at present I’m very impressed with performance, I must say it looks great ! I can now report that the owner of the company diverted a delivery driver via my house and he re adjusted the headlight. I can recommend this company run by a very reliable gentleman who does his very best to assure customers are happy. A DVLA REGISTRATION form was supplied to me on delivery, with important data already entered on the form. I’ve now sent it and registration is free.her Isherwood

  3. 5 out of 5


    A great scooter it gets me out and about I recommend it

  4. 5 out of 5


    good quality product

    good turn of speed stylish quality product

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