Frequently asked questions

Product questions

Do I have to assemble the scooter myself?
No. Our Scooters are fully assembled and “Ready To Drive”. You can drive straight away.
Can my scooter be used in the rain?
Yes, you can use the scooter in the rain. Although, we recommend that you avoid any heavy downpour and snow.
Will someone explain to me how to use the scooter?
When you purchase our product, you will get the best customer service and support. You will receive professional delivery service and technical introduction at the time of delivery. Our driver will use a special ramp for safety loading and unloading of your scooter and provide a safety demonstration for you.
Can I get a manual for your product?
We provide manuals to all of our customers on delivery only.
How long should I charge my scooter?
Our scooters should be charged from 8 to 10 hours.
Do you sell spare parts?
Yes, we do. Click here to browse through them.
Can you modify the scooter that I want to order with an alarm, lock box, etc.?
We do not do additional modifications for products in our store, however any nearby service shop will be able to make them for you.
Does the scooter use the left or right hand to drive?
All of our scooters use the right hand to drive.
Can you make the scooter left hand drive?
As mentioned before we do not do modifications, which means we also do not switch to left hand drive.
What is the max speed of your scooters?
All of our Mopeds can achieve high speeds, up to 27 mph UK | 45 km/h EU.
Mobility Scooters that fall under the category of mobility aid and have 3 and 4 wheels have three speed modes: 1st to 4 mph (6 km/h) 2nd to 8 mph (13 km/h) and 3rd to 16 mph (25 km/h).
According to law regarding max speed allowed on road, the speed of the mobility aid scooter that we ship to the UK must be restricted to 8 mph, while in the EU it is unrestricted to 25 km/h.
The speed limiter switch can be found in the compartment under the seat.
Can I remove the battery from my scooter?
Easy access to removable batteries which can be charged inside your home is possible only in the ITANGO model. Otherwise, removal of battery on your own is not advised as it might void the warranty, unless performed by a person authorized to service vehicles.
Do I need a driver license to use your scooter?
In the UK the license isn’t required in case of mobility scooters that don’t go faster than 8 mph on road. However in case of mopeds, a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is required.
I am X years old, can I still use your scooters?
There is no upper age limit on using our electric mobility scooters.
Do your scooters fold up?
Of all our products, only the ZT16 electric mobility trike can be folded.
Can you explain what 15% or 30% road slope means?
This is related to the angle of the hill. For example a 10 percent slope means that, for every 100 feet of horizontal distance, the altitude changes by 10 feet.
When will you have X product in stock?
If the information isn’t visible in our product page, please try contacting us for details.

Orders & Payments

Something doesn’t work, can you help me with making payment?
Don’t worry we are here to help you, contact us by phone (00 44) 1234 816 404, email office@velobike.co.uk or chat and we will do our best to make sure you’ll be able to place an order with us.
Do the prices include VAT?
Our mobility scooters that fall under the category of mobility aid are sold without VAT. However all spare parts, accessories and mopeds have VAT included in the price.
Do you honor VAT relief if I don’t have to pay it?
Yes, for more information you can visit out VAT Relief page.
What payment methods can I use?
We accept PayPal, credit/debit card or bank transfer. We also offer cash on delivery and payment in installments thanks to Duologi.
Can I pay for this item on finance?
Yes you can. During checkout you have to select monthly payments with Duologi.
What financial plans can you offer me?
In each of our products, you can press the “INFO” button in the Duologi bar. This will open a window which will allow you to see all of the financial plans and calculate monthly installment costs based on the first deposit you make.
What is the delivery price?
Our delivery is already included in the price of the scooter for all European countries. In case of spare parts, across the United Kingdom the delivery is free, while in case of other countries, additional cost will be added during checkout automatically in our shop depending on their destination.
Is there a shipping price?
Our delivery across Europe is free in all countries. However, customs fees and the cost of ferries in case of delivery to islands needs to be paid on customer’s end.
Do you accept PIP or DLA payments?
Unfortunately at this time we do not honor PIP or DLA payments.
Do you do parts exchange?
We do not do part exchange, as we distribute only one brand of new scooters.


What is the estimated delivery time?
Once you have placed your order, we guarantee to deliver your item within 3-9 working days in the UK, around 20 working days within any other European country and up to 60 days to the rest of the world.
When will I know about the exact delivery time?
Our driver will contact you prior to delivery, just to confirm the expected day and time of arrival.
Is the delivery secure?
For the security of our customers and to finalise the purchase, passport or Identity Card must be shown upon the delivery. We want to make sure you are authorised to collect the scooter.
Do I have to sign anything during the delivery?
Yes. Our driver will ask you to sign all delivery documentation, for example: scooter inspection, defects report, delivery note and invoice.
How can I track my package?
If you have ordered a scooter, after about 10 working days, once we have assembled and sent it, we will provide you with tracking code, which will enable you to easily track the package.

Service, Warranty & Returns

What if there are problems with my scooter?
All of our scooters are under warranty. In case of any problems, contact us via email office@velobike.co.uk and we will try to solve the issue.
What is the warranty period?
12 months of warranty, we also supply customers with spare parts after the warranty period.
If I bought your scooter second hand, how do I get warranty on my name?
You don’t as all of our warranties are issued only to the person that we have sold the scooter to.
How do you carry repairs / maintenance?
Our procedures are that all customers should first contact us via email office@velobike.co.uk with description of the issue and photos / video if needed. Based on this, we can verify what the issue might be and determine the scale of damage.
Based on that evidence, we can send our service and its cost is either covered by warranty or by client if it falls outside of its scope. To make sure the issue falls under warranty, please visit our warranty page.
How much does repairs / maintenance cost?
Unfortunately we are not able to estimate the cost because all cases are considered individually.