VAT Relief

What is VAT relief?

People with disability or any long-term illness, who live in the United Kingdom might be entitled to VAT relief. This means they do not pay VAT on:

  • Products that are designed or adapted to help with their disability or illness;
  • Instalation, repairs and maintenance of those products;
  • Any required spare parts or accessories.

Our mobility electric mobility scooters provide aid for people who have problems with moving on their own. HMRC explains which conditions you need to meet in order to be considered as having a disability or long-term illness for VAT purposes.

What is needed for VAT relief?

First, the customers must provide us with specific medical condition or illness that the user of our product suffers from. When the driver arrives, you must provide him with written confirmation, before you can receive VAT relief.

The empty form can be either downloaded from and prepared before the driver arrives or it can be filled together with them on the delivery.

In case of questions, we encourage you to contact our customer service.