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Travel in any weather with FROST electric mobility vehicle, best futuristic moped available on the market. Manufactured with high quality comfort in mind and full of the newest tech, this awesome three wheeled, fully covered machine will take you safely anywhere you desire.



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FROST – electric mobility vehicle of future

Want to know something cool? All of our deliveries in UK and EU are for free and fully assembled!

FROST electric mobility vehicle comes with many new technologies that are top of the shelf, catering to all of your needs. With them, you can be sure to always be on top of your game, driving safely from your home to any destination you pick. With high range of up to 70 mi (ca. 113 km) and fully adjustable seat for driver, it offers comfortable ride for you and one other person. On to of that it can easily carrying max weight of 300 kg / 47st while ascending a road slope of 30% (17°).

What is FROST electric mobility vehicle equipped with?

All the highest quality technologies come in various form and shapes. FROST outshines all other similar fully encased electric mobility vehicles by a far margin. Within the complex heart of the machine, similar to moped scooter, the happy vehicle owners can find:

  • MP3/MP4 player,
  • Powerful 2000W motor with voltage of 72V,
  • Lead-acid battery with the size of 72V 60Ah,
  • Hydraulic brakes & automatic magnetic brake,
  • Comprehensive lights system which include: street lighting, LED lamps, intuitive operation,
  • Alarm and remote control,
  • Full suspension,
  • Hand brake,
  • Reverse camera making it easier to park,
  • Powerful charger which can easily fill up the better in just 3 hours,
  • Electric side window controls.

No driver licence required – just CBT training

This electric mobility vehicle falls under the category of mopeds. It means that you don’t need to have full driving licence and can drive it as long as you have finished at least 16 years. Be advised, in the UK you should go through Compulsory basic training (CBT) in UK or have AM category licence.

As any vehicle which can travel on roads, even with speed of 27 mph (ca. 43 km/h), it requires DVLA registration. Since Velobike has a long history of taking best care of its customers, all of our deliveries come with free training included in price. We believe it is important to show the new drivers how to use their new FROST electric mobility vehicle to its full capacity.

Still, here with us and thinking of buying it? We recommend doing so, as there is no better vehicle available across the wide world.

Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
5x 60Ah / 72V
Battery Type
35-50 mi
60-80 km
Hydraulic disc brakes
Wheel size
Number of wheels
Max Speed
27 mph UK
45 km/h EU
Scooter weight
66 st
420 kg
Max user weight
47 st
300 kg
Adjustable Seat
Yes (UK)
Dimensions (Inches)
89 x 45.5 x 59.5 in
226 x 116 x 151 cm
Road Slope
Up to 30%
Up to 17°
Twisted Grip

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  1. Ann

    Due to my illness I lost my driving license and this is a perfect replacement for a car .I absolutely Love it .

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