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Would you like to know how to buy scooter in finance?

Howdy, looking to buy scooter in finance, to pay in installments? For us it is very common thing, and since many have asked us about our plans we have prepared simple guide in this short article. Hope this helps you out!

First of all let us begin by answering that you can indeed buy scooter in finance from us. Not only that, at Velobike, we offer only the best finance deals because you can fully customize them to suit your own needs!

Duologi company, is a great finance partner which allowed for us to add to our payments methods their unique system. This way when looking for mobility scooter, guaranteed finance plan is almost 100% available!

Velobike’s scooter finance calculator – 5 step easy guide

How does it work, what is scooter finance interest rate and can we really offer the best scooter deals?

One step at a time! To learn those things you can calculate it yourself with our simple scooter finance calculator. Here’s how to check plans if you want to buy scooter in finance:

  1. Find the product you would like check in our shop.
  2. Enter the product page.
  3. You will notice a purple “Info” button, right next to the Duologi logo. Click it.
  4. In the window that shows up, you can select the number of months for your finance plan, do note that there is a 0% scooter finance interest rate.
  5. By changing the slider, you can change the deposit amount. This will calculate the monthly payment amount for you.

Okay, you know how to check the monthly plan, but how to actually buy the desired scooter?

It’s simple, if you enter our checkout, from the right side payment methods, all you have to do is select Monthly payments with Duologi and it will allow you to choose the desired plan. After you proceed with the purchase, Duologi will forward the information to your bank, who will check if this plan is affordable by you, to keep you safe.

Congratulations, now you know how to buy scooter in finance at our shop!

Mobility scooter in finance — Bad credit and how to deal with it?

There are times when your bank just won’t let you have the desired finance plan. What to do then to buy scooter in finance?

First of all, at Velobike we are always happy to try to help you find a suitable solution. After all, our interests are mutual, you want to become our happy customer, and we very much would like you to be one.

If by some chance, your desired finance plan doesn’t pass, it can be caused by things like:

  1. You already have too big credit
  2. The bank doesn’t think it is safe for you with such big monthly installments

What can be done in this situation? You can always try making the initial deposit bigger, which will lower the monthly payment. In some cases, this is exactly what needs to be done to pass the finance check with Duologi.

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