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Which mobility scooter to buy? DRACO on its way!

That’s right folks, if you wondered which mobility scooter to buy, now you know it. Our newest model DRACO, straight from Veleco company is on its way and will be available at our store soon. Don’t miss on a special chance to grab an additional gift with purchase!

If you are in the market for a three-wheel vehicle, DRACO leaves no doubts, which mobility scooter to buy in 2020. With only the newest technology installed, many years of experience served to create this majestic scooter, the choice is clear!

What’s with the name you might ask? Draco in Latin means dragon, and with how graceful this vehicle is, we truly believe it fits like a glove. With this scooter, riding feels like soaring in the sky, thanks to the powerful full suspension system. 

DRACO — with strength and grace of mighty dragon

In folk tales, dragons are mighty beasts, and so is our DRACO mobility scooter. Shall we reveal some mystery so you know which mobility scooter to buy? Why yes.

DRACO spreads its wings wider if you decide to upgrade it with a Lithium-Ion battery. Not only is it removable, but due to its resistance, it improves the range of the scooter by about 10%

Since all dragons are known for their beautiful eyes, DRACO mobility scooter was equipped with full LED lights. This means less heat, more light, lower battery consumption.

On top of that, this mobility scooter comes with spacious storage, so you will be able to hoard your items inside it.

That’s of course not all there is to it, but we can’t reveal everything yet. Where would the fun with that be after all?

Be the first to buy it and get a gift from us!

That’s right, you have heard it straight from us! Once DRACO goes online in our store, the first five purchases will receive a free seat belt for mobility scooter. Why such a gift? Because we believe with such powerful mobility aid, it is only right the dragon comes with an additional harness.

So again, which mobility scooter to buy? Pick DRACO, the mightiest among mobility scooters of 2020.

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