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The independent life of mobility scooter users

The topic of mobility scooters and independent life of their users is still not a very widely researched topic. The surveys and publications which would support various theories are still scarce. However, some attempts at finding relevant data have been made in recent decades, bearing fruit and shaping the market of mobility scooters.

The biggest survey that was performed in the United Kingdom by RICA (Research Institute of Customer Affairs) received responses from 480 respondents. From the provided data, multiple conclusions could be drawn in 2014, which stay true until today.

Closer look at Independent life of mobility scooter users

Of many questions asked to respondents, many have verified that the mobility scooter has indeed made their life more independent. The answers provided a window to glimpse their activity. By studying the infographic, it is easy to see where the users go on their vehicles or why they decide to purchase a mobility scooter in the first place.

Most surprising was the conclusion that independent life on mobility scooters isn’t restricted to older people. In fact, many of them are younger than 65 years old.

Back in 2014, it was clear that mobility scooters were gaining popularity fast. Even those few years back, the trend was there, and it is still a very wildly popular topic. What are those perks that make those vehicles so popular? Check out the details in the infographic for the answers.


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2 thoughts on “The independent life of mobility scooter users

  1. I Drive a Mobility Scooter leagle on the Road.The Lambereta Type as Shown Dose it require Driving Licence ?Or anything that may that maybe of use to know.

    1. Hi Gordon, no mobility scooter requires a driving licence as stated by DVLA, as their speed doesn’t go faster than maximum 8 mph in the UK and 25 km/h in the EU. You might like this post from us:

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