Do you wonder if you need a CBT test for moped?

15 July 2020

Often we are met with questions regarding driving license or a CBT test for moped that can reach up higher speed of 27 mph. In our humble opinion, there is nothing more enjoyable and liberating than to travel around UK on moped. Want to know the answer? Read this article. At the top speed of […]


FASTER mobility scooter – New life

8 July 2020

Many times over we look back at products like FASTER mobility scooter and ponder: What could we do better? How can we cater to our customers? Many times, a question pops up when our customers contact customer support: Is the battery removable? Now we can say it is! Since many of you wanted this, we […]


How to maintain mobility scooter properly?

1 July 2020

Do you want to know how to maintain mobility scooter the best way possible? At Velobike we often receive this question.  This is why we have decided to answer it to the best of our ability. Here you will learn how to store and maintain your precious vehicle! It is no big surprise that when […]


Veleco – new mobility scooter of 2020

24 June 2020

New mobility scooter straight from Veleco is on its way! Are you in the market for some brand-new technology? In two months’ time we are going to unravel our new product and for the first buyers there will be a special gift included! For all outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy using three wheeled electric mobility scooters, […]

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