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Model ZT63 – Luxurious disability scooter

It seems our previous showcase was liked by many which is why we are writing a new one about our most luxurious disability scooter, featuring mobility scooters for sale. Favoured by many, ZT63 is an electric mobility scooter which instead of the regular look, charms with beautiful vespa style. What can you expect of this model?

If you are wondering which model to buy, then our vespa style luxurious disability scooter is the way to go. Not only it will provide you with this serious, elegant look while riding, it will definitely turn around many heads.

Being one of our long time bestsellers, this model is prized with high carry capacity and great suspension system. Riding it is a very smooth and pleasant experience and due to its weight, it offers high stability on uneven terrain.

Vintage look is just one the outside, it has a brand new heart

ZT63, like many of our mobility scooters for sale, comes equipped only with the brand-new technology. One of the features, highly favoured by all customers is a full electronic display. Even when it is dark, the aesthetic display panel is very easy to read.

Did you know this one scooter comes with a remote and pre-installed alarm system? Both easy to use and highly appreciated by our customers, those options surely will come in handy.

Speaking of handy, ZT63 is equipped with a USB port, which allows you to easily charge up your phone. This is definitely one of the top favourites, as we all know how nowadays we all strive to have contact with our close friends and family.

Timeless and luxurious disability scooter

Apart from technological features, it also comes with many others. As a luxurious disability scooter, ZT63 also has a shopping bag hook and cup holder. Both might seem like small additions, but their value to our customers often makes a big difference.

Model ZT63 comes also with two storages, the basket in the back or the spacious boot under the seat, both of which are secured by key and lock. And what do you think? Does this model have everything that you’d like from the scooter? If there is any way you can think of how to improve it, do tell us, we always welcome all the feedback we can get!

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2 thoughts on “Model ZT63 – Luxurious disability scooter

  1. Vorrei comprare scooter elettrico veleco zt63 colore nero.
    Se abilito la 3 velocita saro costretto a targare lo scooter?
    Io non sono disabile, ma solo anziono in buona salute. (86 anni, camminare a lungo e difficile).
    Vorrei anche aggiungere… .se non c. e… .un gancio portaborse e un portsbicchiere. ( come lo ha cristal).

    1. Ciao, è fantastico che tu sia interessato a uno scooter per disabili da noi! Ti contatteremo presto; _)

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